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Typically seating 90-110 passengers, the A318 brings the A320 Family’s operating advantages to routes that are best suited for a slightly smaller aircraft. The A318 retains the excellent fuel efficiency, exceptional operational reliability, and superior passenger comfort that are designed into the entire A320 Family.




Overall length70.80 m
Height17.08 m
Wing span64.75 m
Fuselage width5.96 m



Pallet or container General cargo layout - Main deck30 pallets 96 x 125’’ or 30x AM-base containers
Pallet or container General cargo layout - Lower deck12 pallets 96 x 125’' or 40x LD3 containers



Range8 700 km
Max payload109 tonnes
Max take-off weight319 tonnes
Max landing weight250 tonnes



Overall length232 ft 4 in
Height56 ft 1 in
Wing span212 ft 5 in
Fuselage width19 ft 5 in



Pallet or container General cargo layout - Main deck30 pallets 96 x 125’’ or 30x AM-base containers
Pallet or container General cargo layout - Lower deck12 pallets 96 x 125’' or 40x LD3 containers



Range4,700 nm
Max payload240.4 lb x 1000
Max take-off weight703.4 lb x 1000
Max landing weight551.2 lb x 1000


A320 cabin

Comfort and space

With the widest single-aisle cabin available that comes with the A320 Family, passengers aboard the A318 can enjoy more personal space and relax in comfortable 18-inch-wide seats. The A318 also has plenty of overhead storage space so that carry-on luggage can be stored efficiently, while its wider aisle helps with boarding and disembarking. 

These advantages facilitate boarding and disembarking, meaning quicker turnaround times before departure and less wait time at the end of a flight so that passengers can get to where they’re going more quickly.

Unique capabilities

As the largest commercial aircraft certified to fly steeper-than-usual approaches down to the runway, the A318 is ideal for operations at such constrained locations as downtown airports – with the potential to transform long-haul operations between city centres, as well as reduce flight time for travellers. 

The A318 is approved for steep landings at a 5.5-degree approach angle, compared to 3 degrees for standard operations. Using this capability, A318s were utilised for non-stop transatlantic flights from the in-close London City Airport to New York's JFK International Airport. 

In such operations, the aircraft can be configured for premium service with seats that convert into full lie-flat beds, along with connectivity for passengers – demonstrating that even the smallest member of the A320 Family doesn’t need to compromise on luxury and amenities.


A318 MSC Cockpit

Commonality where it counts

Like all members of the A320 Family that introduced Airbus’ revolutionary fly-by-wire control system to the airline industry, the A318 benefits from cockpit commonality across the company’s single-aisle product line, helping reduce the cost of training, maintenance, and operation of the aircraft.

Not only are pilots qualified to fly the A318 and any member of the A320 Family with a Common Type Rating, the ability to transition between other Airbus aircraft is even easier with Cross Crew-Qualification (CCQ). 

Additionally, the fly-by-wire technology offers significant advantages from savings through reductions in the flight controls’ weight – another example of how Airbus improves performance through innovation.


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