• Suite includes N-Flight Planning, Mission+ FLIGHT and Flysmart+
  • First Mission+ FLIGHT customer in Malaysia


Toulouse, France, 12 June 2024AirAsia (AXM), the leading low-cost airline in South-East Asia, the largest by fleet size and destinations, has signed an agreement for N-Flight Planning, Mission+ FLIGHT and Flysmart+, three state-of-the-art NAVBLUE solutions which will help the airline digitalise and enhance its flight operations. Air Asia was also part of the Early Adopter Program with Mission+, providing feedback during the development and testing phase as NAVBLUE continues to innovate its next generation platform.

N-Flight Planning, NAVBLUE’s award-winning flight planning solution, has been chosen by AirAsia based on its track record of being one of the safest, most efficient and optimised flight planning applications on the market. The scalability and customisability of N-Flight Planning makes it the ideal choice for AirAsia with its multiple bases of operations throughout the region, each with its own unique operational requirements and scale.

​​Mission+, NAVBLUE’s Electronic Flight Assistant (EFA), optimises the pilot’s journey from preparation to closure of a flight: this EFA gathers all the information pilots need in one single application on a globe-centric display and reduces their workload, streamlining the flow of information between ground and onboard systems. AirAsia has selected Mission+ FLIGHT, a module of Mission+ for mission management providing briefing packages, flight follow-up and reporting capabilities to pilots. 

Flysmart+ continues to help the airline to optimise aircraft performance and Weight & Balance calculations, and to ease access to electronic documentation. It is also interfaced with Mission+, allowing quick access to mission information, time savings, and reduced risk of errors.

Through its subsidiaries, AirAsia will implement Mission+ FLIGHT across 6 affiliated airlines and 4 countries in Southeast Asia by the end of this year: Thailand (Thai AirAsia – AIQ and Thai AirAsia X - TAX); Indonesia (Indonesia AirAsia - AWQ); the Philippines (Philippines AirAsia – APQ) and of course Malaysia, with AirAsia Malaysia (AXM) and AirAsia X (XAX).

Marc Lemeilleur, CEO of NAVBLUE said: “AirAsia has been a NAVBLUE customer for almost ten years with N-Flight Planning and we are proud that the airline has decided to expand its NAVBLUE service portfolio today by choosing more of our innovative solutions to digitalise its pilot briefing process. Tailored for our customer and co-designed together, this suite of state-of-the-art solutions will enable AirAsia to really enhance and optimise their operations.”

Captain Suresh Bangah, Group Director of Flight Operations at AirAsia, added: “With the addition of these NAVBLUE solutions to the ones already used by AirAsia, we are taking our flight operations to another level, by offering our pilots the latest technologies and tools to optimise their workflow and streamline their daily operations, enabling them to navigate in more efficient and safe conditions, for the benefit of our customers.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, AirAsia currently operates a fleet of over 200 Airbus aircraft flying to more than 165 destinations in 25 countries and by Q3 this year, the airline will have a total of 240 aircraft operationally managed by Mission+ FLIGHT.


​About Airsia: The birth story of AirAsia, the aviation arm of Capital A, is an industry legend. It started back in 2001 when Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun bought an ailing airline with two aircraft and 200 staff and turned it into the fourth largest in Asia, with more than 200 aircraft and 21,000 staff across Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and more. With affordability, inclusivity and accessibility underpinning the operation, AirAsia has carried more than 800 million guests to over 160 destinations in its network. With the mission to serve the underserved, it has connected people and places, and has largely been credited for democratising air travel in the region with its famous tagline ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’.


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