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The Skywise Store is the first marketplace in the aerospace industry hosting Apps & services accessible to the entire Skywise Community and allowing the airlines to get advantage of their own data.

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Skywise App Editors Programme

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Download Apps from the Skywise Store ranging from maintenance, flights operations to sustainability and take advantage of your own data available in Skywise. 

Aircraft Defect Matrix logo

Aircraft Defect Matrix app

The Aircraft Defect Matrix app gives to the maintenance and reliability engineers the ability to visualize the defects status of their entire fleet at a glance.


Aircraft Software Tracker logo

Aircraft Software Tracker app

The Aircraft Software Tracker app allows engineers to track the current software version of each individual aircraft of a given fleet.
AOG Management logo

AOG Management app

The AOG Management app gives airlines a new way of tracking their AOGs.
Cabin Defect Management logo

Cabin Defects app

The Cabin Defects app uses natural language processing to analyse logbook defects in order to provide insights for cabin issues across the entire fleet.
Component analysis logo

Component Analysis app

Component Analysis app is used to predict when an aircraft part is likely to break.

Corsia logo


The CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) monitoring and reporting App allows the Airlines to easily comply with CORSIA requirements, in effect since January-1 2019.


My skywise statistics logo

My Skywise Statistics app

My Skywise Statistics enables you to monitor your own organisation’s use of skywise.

Parking Management logo

Parking Management app

The Parking Management app tracks the aircraft storage location and easily identifies required maintenance tasks.


Records Editor logo

Records Editor app

The Records Editor app provides an easy-to-use interface to review new records from the technical logbook.
Repetitive Defect logo

Repetitive Defects app

The Repetitive Defects app identifies recurring defects either by automated customised suggestions.
RTS logo

Return To Service app

The Return To Service app allows airlines to evaluate different utilisation scenarios and find the lowest cost combination of aircraft to return to service.


Wheel bearing inspection logo

Wheel Bearing Inspection app

The Wheel Bearing Inspection Application helps centralize & consolidate data while streamlining processes, allowing Airbus to alleviate some inspection requirements that would have been extremely challenging without this application and the creation of a new knowledge base. This Application supports deviation requests such as Technical Adaptation/RDAF.

Smart logo

SmartFill app

The SmartFill App helps the airlines operating A350 to define the most optimized water level.


Our editor Apps

Agile Recurrent Defects logo

Agile Recurrent Defects

provided by FPT

Control your recurrent defects in an agile and simple way. This application helps your airline Engineering to detect repeated faults based on technical logbook entries. The configuration is straight forward, and you can overview the faults for each aircraft or system independently.

Palantir logo

Fleet Movement Coordinator

provided by PALANTIR

When part or all of your fleet is parked it can be challenging to track and manage:

• Circuit flight planning to avoid long-term storage
• Aircraft readiness to go into service (e.g. potable water checks, RTS hours)
• Planning ahead for maintenance especially across multiple stations

Fleet Movement Coordinator allows users to:

• Plan future status changes of aircraft
• Schedule circuit flights to avoid long-term storage
• Get automated alerts when there are aircraft movements or fleet status changes

Fleet Utilisation Cost Optimiser logo

Fleet Utilisation Cost Optimiser

provided by PALANTIR

Fleet Utilisation Optimiser is designed to build optimal fleet configurations which reduce costs while maintaining service levels.

Users can customise the cost metrics and set custom constraints to scan through dozens of scenarios at one time and choose the one that fits their operational requirements.

This allows engineering teams to discover all the trade-offs required to target the lowest cost option including forecasted maintenance burden, cashflow over time and distribution of fleet utilisation.

Flight Reconciliation logo

Flight Reconciliation

provided by PALANTIR

Flight Reconciliation is an application that uses the millions of sensor data points from your aircraft to compare actual fuel burn to the flight plan. This allows fuel teams to track how accurate flight plans are across:

• Distance covered
• Flight levels
• Holding time
• Loading weight
• Wind drag 




Navblue logo

IDLE Factor Optimizer

provided by NAVBLUE

Part of the NAVBLUE OPTIMIZE suite of applications, the IDLE Factor Optimizer automatically computes the optimized IDLE Factor for each aircraft representing the aircraft in its current state of performance in descent.

IDLE Factor Optimizer continuously adjusts the Flight Management System (FMS) prediction of the descent trajectory leading to fuel and emissions savings, and improved handling qualities for pilots.

When combined with the Airbus Descent Profile Optimization – DPO performance database upgrade, every descent of each aircraft is optimized along the entire aircraft lifecycle.

This Descent Efficiency solution brings savings per descent and operational benefits to fly an optimum descent profile. Save up to ~90kgs of fuel per descent depending on your A320 model!

Navblue logo

Performance Factor Optimizer

provided by NAVBLUE

Part of the NAVBLUE OPTIMIZE suite of applications, Performance Factor Optimizer automatically computes the corrective fuel factor representing each aircraft in its current state of performance leading to accurate fuel prediction.

This factor is then ingested in the Flight Management System in the aircraft and the operator’s Flight Planning System.

Performance Factor Optimizer offers a significant improvement to existing aircraft performance monitoring solutions.

Automated from end-to-end, it allows a more continuous monitoring process, improved analytical capabilities and reduced manhours spent on such tasks, allowing qualified resources to focus on other operational activities.


Our datasets

Logo Global Tracking Dataset

Global Tracking Dataset

A dataset that allows Skywise users to browse and analyze Flightradar24 aircraft positions at a global scale and compare with peers. This gives access to 2 years of historical data (refreshed hourly) for worldwide fleets, which will gradually be enriched to include the last 3 years. The dataset is prepared and enhanced via AirSense, an Airbus project specialized on Aircraft tracking data. 

Logo dataset weather NOAA

Weather NOAA

The weather dataset is a live feed of METAR data provided by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) containing worldwide automated airport weather observations covering the following elements:

✓ Airports geolocation (latitude, longitude)
✓ Temperature & humidity
✓ Wind vertical velocity, speed & direction
✓ Ozone, rain, cloud, snow mixing ratios


Logo weather IOWA dataset

Weather IOWA

The weather dataset is a live feed of METeorological Aerodrome Report data (METAR) provided by the university of IOWA containing worldwide automated airport weather observations covering the following elements:

✓ Airports geolocation (latitude, longitude)
✓ Winds speed & direction
✓ Temperature & humidity