Based on the top-selling all new A350, the A350F brings latest-generation efficiency and choice to the large freighter market. With unbeatable efficiency in terms of fuel burn, CO2 emissions and economics, the A350F is the only freighter capable of meeting the latest ICAO requirements.

The A350F can be seamlessly integrated into airline fleets, delivering step change efficiency in terms of volume, range and payload.

Airbus is proud to bring the A350F as the only choice for the future of the large widebody freighter market


A350 Product highlights



Based on the A350 programme, the A350F delivers more payload, more range and more volume compared to the 777F, all comforting its position as the only future-proof choice for operators today.

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Next-generation features and services combined with robust business economics come together in the A350F to become the most efficient and sustainable aircraft on the freighter market today.

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Airbus fully supports operators to facilitate the integration of the A350F into their fleet, with adapted training paths, by leveraging the already existing robust support and services network, as well as by taking advantage of the Airbus Commonality.

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After more than 20 years with no choice for large widebody freighters, Airbus has responded to customer demand to produce a more efficient and sustainable aircraft.

Backed by Airbus’ OEM expertise and years of engineering experience with the A300-600F and Airbus’ own freighters -the Belugas-, Airbus’ brand new freighter will be based on the most successful and newest clean-sheet programme - the A350. Production will be strategically embedded into the programme to ensure a smooth launch, entry-into-service and ramp-up of the A350F.

With equal volume as the 747F, +5t more payload compared to the 777F, and offering more range, the A350F delivers robust capabilities to ensure continuity for your operations.

A350F versus 777F: +3t payload, more range, + 11% volume




The A350F demonstrates unbeatable fuel efficiency, with 40% lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to the 747F.

Unbeatable efficiency

This higher efficiency is a decisive advantage versus the 2028 in-production limit of the ICAO CO2 standard. With its new generation design, the A350F will be the only large freighter capable of meeting this requirement.

The A350F EIS will meet ICAO CO2 Emissions Standard

On top of its already advantageous efficiency features, operators of the A350F can also benefit from Airbus Services to improve the aircraft’s performance but also its carbon footprint. NAVBLUE’s Idle Factor Optimizer, for example, optimises the Idle Factor setting to save time, fuel and distance during the descent phase. On average, the Idle Factor Optimizer saves 50kg of fuel per descent for an A350F.

State-of-the-art digital services

The brand new A350F is the new-generation replacement for the 747F, bringing all the advantages of a latest-generation aircraft and jumping 1 and 2 generations ahead of current direct competitors.

The A350F’s seamless integration with state-of-the-art digital services like Skywise, is a true leap for freighter operators into the 21st century. Skywise’s suite of services gives operators the opportunity to harness the power of big data and make the right decisions where they matter most.

Unbeatable economics

On top of the 20% less fuel consumption which already contributes to outstanding savings, the A350F’s unbeatable economics are also built on the 5t extra payload compared to the 777F, adding up to 21M USD extra revenue, as well as lower maintenance costs totalling 16M USD value advantage. In addition to these, Airbus’ new freighter also counts with lower landing and navigation charges, better aircraft availability and optimised engine transportation, all contributing towards being a true step change in cost and value-generation versus its direct competition, by answering your fleet needs at lower cost.

A350F 50M minimum value advantage infographic


The combination of all the A350F’s new-generation features lead to at least $50m USD extra value to operators over the lifetime of the aircraft.


To further improve these already exceptional business economics, power-by-the-hour services are also available to operators, such as Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS). In addition to reducing operators’ upfront investment, Airbus FHS has the advantage of bringing predictability to component maintenance costs and securing operations by ensuring part availability.

In addition to reducing operators’ upfront investment, an Airbus FHS contract has the advantage of bringing predictability to component maintenance costs - $20M in savings on upfront investment costs




Whether you purely carry out freighter operations or already operate Airbus aircraft for passengers, the A350F is the ideal aircraft for freighter operations and can smoothly be integrated into your fleet.

Airbus Commonality for optimised integration

The A350F brings a real edge when looking at fleet integration, thanks to the Airbus Commonality. The Airbus commonality advantage extends from the training of your teams to the maintenance of your aircraft. Existing A350 operators can use the same crew, same mechanics and same spares as for their current A350 operations. For non-A350 operators, you may find the need to source pilots for your Airbus Freighter operations. This is facilitated by the Airbus Family Commonality, resulting in only 8 days training for an A330 pilot to move towards an A350 aircraft, compared to 23 days for a Boeing pilot.

Same type rating (Same crew, mechanics, spares) A350F, A350-900, A350-1000

A tailored roadmap for an easy transition

One of the key elements provided by Airbus to facilitate the integration of an A350F into your fleet is a tailored roadmap for an easy transition. This roadmap includes specific training paths that have been developed to ensure your teams have the right skills and competences to operate the aircraft, as well as recommended solutions to ease integration and reduce upfront investment, such as Airbus Flight Hour Services. As an example, the specific training paths contain Composite training to quickly upskill your maintenance teams.

Maintenance personnel working on an aircraft component, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Maintenance and Structure training with Airbus

Flight Training Courses DeBriefing

Flight operations training with Airbus

Common spares

Not only do the A350 and A350F share 100% commonality for engine spares and tooling, but they also benefit from 99% commonality in airframe tools and spares, leading to minimum additional investment and maximum profitability.

Not only do the A350 and A350F share 100% commonality for engine spares and tooling, but they also benefit from 99% commonality in airframe tools and spares, leading to minimum additional investment and maximum profitability.

Demonstrated maturity and support network

With over 900 A350s sold over the world, the family benefits from an outstanding Airbus support. The A350F will take advantage of this proven platform that has already demonstrated strong maturity and a reliable support network, carried by the same Airbus representatives.



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