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Aircraft Technical Data

Enabling aircraft operations and maintenance

Aircraft Technical Data

Benefit from comprehensive Technical Manuals

We empower customers with the right set of information

We produce turnkey instructions allowing to safely and efficiently operate and maintain our products, during the complete Aircraft life-cycle. A centralised library is accessible to customers via the airnavX portal. We assist customers in optimising the operational benefits enabled by Airbus Technical Data.

Managing an end-to-end Technical Data life cycle

Created with aircraft OEM expertise

Created with aircraft OEM expertise

Maintenance TechData packages and Flight Operations TechData packages are carefully created based on Airbus in-depth knowledge of Aircraft design. The packages are customised to the Aircraft options selected by customers. They are delivered during the EIS preparation phase, in line with customer needs.


state-of-the-art online technologies

Distributed via state-of-the-art online technologies

From the original A300 paper format, up to the state-of-the-art digital technologies used within the airnavX online portal today, we continuously adapt to customer demand and technological changes. Benefit from our latest evolutions: airnavX online exclusive feature, such as Digital Wiring Diagrams - GenEWIS and SRM for Mechanics mobile application.



Continuously revised and improved

Airbus TechData packages are continuously improved by transformation projects and customer feedback, benefitting all end-users. Thanks to customer reporting of Airbus Service Bulletin embodiment and the integration of Customer Originated Changes (COC), we ensure your Manuals remain up-to-date with your latest Aircraft evolutions and operational preferences.


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Safeguarding your efficiency thanks to a comprehensive Customer Care Experience


Airbus Technical Data

As part of our Customer Care DNA, our priority is to empower customers towards an efficient use of Airbus Technical Data and to deliver swift resolutions to unforeseen events.

We remain constantly available to TechData users viaTechRequestfor assistance or to identify room for improvement, should it be on TechData content or digital portals. 

Our network of regional TechData Representatives enables privileged interface on TechData topics between Customers and Airbus.


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Giving back to customers and ensuring expertise sharing

Aircraft Technical Data

Thanks to our unique fleet-wide exposure as an Aircraft OEM Manufacturer, we continuously capture best practices and share how-do-I guidelines with customers:


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