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Customer Care Experience

Joining forces together to make it fly better

We provide you with a positive experience for decades, all along the aircraft life. Your efficiency is essential to us.

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Our mission

You can count on Airbus Customer Care

Throughout the aircraft life cycle, we assist you with Engineering and Flight Operations expertise, supported by Airbus’ unique Aircraft Manufacturer position.

Every day, our people listen and help customers operate fleets efficiently while maintaining aircraft in safe and airworthy conditions.

We RELAY your voice

and Airbus know-how to improve in-service fleet efficiency

We EMPOWER customers

at optimising daily operations with Airbus aircraft



from unpredictable events in the field with turnkey solutions




Together, with your customer point of view and our fleet-wide overview of in-service aircraft operations, we improve in-service fleet efficiency. We turn your feedback into action plans, whether you are an operator, lessor or MRO.

Entry-Into-Service Preparation

We guide and serve your team into their preparation journey months before the delivery of your aircraft.

You want to know more on how we can help before your aircraft delivery?

Technical Seminars


We address customer expectations related to engineering and flight operations technical domains.

We also share our progress and exchange on major ongoing projects.

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Fleet Performance Supervision

We turn customer reliability data into trends and fleet benchmarks. We provide a close monitoring of your in-service performance at aircraft level and aircraft equipment level.

Fleet Symposiums

These fleet events per aircraft type are the opportunity to meet and exchange with all customers and share key priorities and initiatives, related to in-service efficiency. It is also an occasion for airlines operating the same aircraft family to network.

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FAIR Events

Forum with Airlines for Interactive Resolution (FAIR) promotes collaboration between customers and with Airbus, with the objective to establish action plans towards improving in-service fleet efficiency.


Airline Fleet Efficiency Reviews

Tailored Technical Review Meeting (TRM) and Senior Management Meeting (SMM) with individual customers are regularly organised to continuously improve fleet performance.




We believe providing customers with all the keys to be autonomous, is the best way towards operational efficiency. We empower you with maintenance and operational know-how for Airbus aircraft by delivering adequate documentation, tools and knowledge.

Aircraft Manuals

We create, update and continuously improve tailored instructions to enable customers to operate and maintain Airbus aircraft. Customers can browse these manuals via airnavX.

Tailored Answers & Guidance

Our Customer Care experts carefully investigate technical or operational enquiries and provide highly customised guidance to address the reported in-service issues, via TechRequest.

Best practices

We believe in the value delivered by collective intelligence. Access In-Service Information articles (ISI) in Airbus World In-Service Experience (WISE) database via Airbus World and benefit from Airbus’ compilation of lessons learnt from the field.

Upskilling technical workshops

Benefit from the expertise of Customer Care teams to upskill your Maintenance and Engineering teams based on years of compiling in-service events and associated best practices.

Aircraft Software & Security Guidelines

With more and more digital and connected aircraft, rely on Airbus’ Field Loadable Software (FLS) and Cybersecurity experts to guide customers across this transformation journey, or even delegate the activity to Airbus.

Maintenance Programme & Ground Tools

We deliver Planned Maintenance Programs adapted to each aircraft’s type and configuration, enhanced by tailored Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and tools.




Because unforeseeable aircraft events are inevitable in the field, Airbus Customer Care protects customer operations and assists with the recovery of the aircraft’s commercial usage. 

We deliver turnkey solutions for operators, lessors and MROs.



Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-Ground centre (AIRTAC) is available 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to provide resolutions to Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) events.

Return-to-Service after abnormal events

When faced with abnormal events, such as lightning or bird strikes, hard landings, hail storms, etc., customers can count on us for coordinated guidance towards return-to-service, in the form of airworthiness documents.

Major Repairs

In the case of heavy damages putting at risk the residual value of an aircraft, we can deliver turnkey solutions, including instructions, parts and even working parties.

Airbus Airworthiness Documentation

For operations and maintenance events falling outside of Airbus aircraft manuals’ tolerance, we support customers with the appropriate documentation to restore operations while preserving aircraft safety and airworthiness conditions.

On-site assistance

Airbus Customer Care teams can provide their guidance and expertise directly at customer facilities for the most challenging events.

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Sharing your voice

Helps operate your fleet efficiently