As the larger member of the A220 Family, the A220-300 is perfectly tailored for the 120-160 seat market. It represents the fusion of performance and technology, allowing airlines to connect distant points on continents and for route sectors that were previously unprofitable or impossible to perform.



Overall length38.7 m
Cabin length27.5 m
Fuselage max diameter3.5 m
Max cabin width3.28 m 
Wingspan35.1 m
Height11.5 m


Pax Max seating160
Typical seating 2-class120-150
Cargo Water Volume31.6 m3


Range6,297 km
Max ramp weight71.2 tonnes 
Max take-off weight70.9 tonnes
Max landing weight61.0 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight58.0 tonnes
Max fuel capacity21 508 litres


Overall length127 ft 0 in
Cabin length90 ft 1 in
Fuselage max diameter11 ft 5 in 
Max cabin width10 ft 9 in
Wingspan115 ft 1 in
Height38 ft 8 in


Pax Max seating160
Typical seating 2-class120-150
Cargo Water volume1 118 ft³


Range3,400 nm
Max ramp weight157 lb x 1000
Max take-off weight156.3 lb x 1000
Max landing weight134.5 lb x 1000 
Max zero fuel weight128 lb x 1000
Max fuel capacity 5,681 USG



Lean, economical and efficient

The A220-300’s advanced aerodynamics, combined with specifically-designed Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines, contribute to an aircraft that delivers 25% lower fuel burn per seat than previous generation aircraft, with half the noise footprint  and decreased emissions, making it a true community-minded jetliner.
Both the A220-300 and the shorter-fuselage A220-100 share 99% commonality , and use the same family of engines – enabling operators to fly both versions at a significant cost savings. Flight crews with the same pilot type rating, and cabin personnel assigned to both aircraft types, will enjoy a seamless transition between the A220-300 and A220-100, greatly reducing complexity and training costs for airlines

A220 cabin

A flexible and comfortable cabin

In addition to delivering best-in-class economics, the A220 Family’s cabin was purpose-built for an excellent passenger experience. A220 Family aircraft are recognised for their low noise levels, providing a quiet, comfortable cabin.
Wide seats and ample overhead storage create personal space without compromising on headroom. The cabin management system provides crews with easy, intuitive control of the aircraft’s on-board environment, with entertainment offerings and mood lighting contributing to the passenger experience.
As with the smaller A220-100 version, the A220-300’s configurable cabin provides two flex zones, allowing operators to benefit from fully customisable modular cabin elements such as stowage areas and partitions, based on their specific needs.


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Easy integration

Minimise upfront investments. Maximise your operational reliability. Airbus provides turnkey solutions to facilitate the integration of the A220 into your fleet.

Flexible operations

Open new routes and grow your existing network with the flexible and versatile A220 Family.

A220 Airspace cabin

Maximum profitability

Maximise profitability with the A220’s unbeatable cost efficiency and revenue generating capabilities - including one of the most comfortable single-aisle cabins your passengers will love.


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