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Flight Hours Services (FHS)

We keep your aircraft flying

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Flight Hour Services

We keep your aircraft flying

Airbus Flight Hour Services is a comprehensive material & maintenance service based on a contractual fixed hourly-rate payment.

Solutions range from component supply, engineering and repair up to fleet technical management and full airframe maintenance, with guarantees on parts’ availability up to Aircraft On-Time performance.


Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family : A220 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

We keep your aircraft flying

Airbus FHS


Benefit from guaranteed parts availability and secure your aircraft technical performance thanks to a full range of material solutions to fit any maintenance strategy.

  • Component availability with guaranteed spare parts availability
  • Component engineering service using Airbus high quality parts standards and Airbus technical expertise and enhanced reliability monitoring
  • Simple and flexible
  • Budget control through Pay-by-the-event or power-by-the-hour rate and reduced up-front investments and optimised costs

FHS-Tailored Support Package

Guarantee aircraft availability and on time performance thanks to a coordinated line and base maintenance, as well as fleet technical management services and engineering recommendations.

  • Aircraft availability with guaranteed Aircraft - On Time Performance (A-OTP)
  • Total budget control thanks to a full cost control from spares supply to aircraft maintenance
  • Worry-free, a turnkey solution with one single interface for total peace of mind
  • Performance with Boosted fleet reliability and performance, and secured aircraft value

FHS powered by Skywise

Unleash the combined power of digital analytics and intelligence with Airbus FHS’ technical and product expertise, to facilitate decision-making and improve operational efficiency.
FHS powered by Skywise focuses on 3 features:

  1. Machine learning: automatic allocation of stock and balancing to anticipate parts’ demands
  2. Operating machine: automation of supply chain control 
  3. Alerting system to make the right decisions immediately

The digitalisation of FHS allows us to reach operational excellence for the sake of airlines operations in material forecast :

  • Better efficiency: by securing the right parts at the right location
  • More transparency: by a global view on parts in the supply chain
  • Better anticipation: by immediate identifications of issues and global collaboration to save time in your business decision
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Component on Demand

Find quality aircraft parts in every situation

From routine requests to AOG support – our component on demand services can rapidly provide you with the best standard parts for your aircraft worldwide and 24/7. Airbus is now offering “On demand” assistance for Line Replaceable Units (LRUs), relying on our aircraft manufacturer expertise.


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Material Services

A global portfolio of value adding material management solutions

Airbus Material Services are provided together by Satair and Airbus FHS to most efficiently support you with a global portfolio of value adding material management solutions and tailored support modules.

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Material Products

For your complete aircraft life cycle

Supporting the complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full portfolio of value-adding material management products and tailored support modules across all platforms.


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