Airbus Airworthiness Documentation

Stay safe in all situations

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Ensure safety in all situations

We provide you with the right documentation to ensure your aircraft’s airworthiness

The Airbus Customer Care team assist you with a set of EASA approved Airworthiness Documents to manage unforeseen events or undocumented instructions. We are qualified to deliver Airworthiness approved documents, under Design Organisation Approval, which can then be used to support requests to National Airworthiness Authorities.


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Repair & Design Approval Form

Estimate the impacts before providing instruction or repairing to get back your aircraft to an airworthy condition.

Structural Repair

Approval Doc Review

Repair review assessment of a previous structural repair.


Airbus Maintenance Statements

One-time deferral to deviate from Maintenance Tasks or from an Airworthiness Directive (AD).


Flight Condition Document

Permit to fly to get the aircraft where it needs to be.


Approved Deviation to OSD-MMEL

Temporary deviation to fly your aircraft safely with unserviceable equipments.

Repair & Design Approval Form

List of RDAF per MSN

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Predefined Airworthiness Documents

Airbus Customer Care proposes a range of PDS Airworthiness Documents* on pre-identified topics, such as Parking & Storage maintenance tasks, Maintenance Review Board Report (MRBR), Structure maintenance tasks, etc.

The PDS Airworthiness Documentation offers you the possibility to tackle at once a package of maintenance tasks related to a similar matter, therefore optimising time, energy and cost by limiting the need for individual requests and removing payment per MSN for a series of analyses.

*By default, Airbus produces on-demand engineering analysis leading to tailored Airworthiness Documentation delivery. This documentation is specifically tailored to your expressed maintenance or operational needs.

AOG and Aircraft Care

Ensuring your aircraft’s safe and efficient operations