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ACT for Academy

Bringing the Aircraft into the Classroom

As the aviation industry evolves, it is important to keep up with the latest innovation.

Are you looking to implement your curriculum with interactive teaching techniques and up to date technology?

Maintenance Training at your fingertips

‘ACT for Academy’ is a maintenance training software solution under the Airbus’ Training Services that aims to familiarise students with the latest Airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures, in a classroom environment.

Online maintenance course showing an aircraft and a cockpit

Get a unique learning experience

‘ACT for Academy’ is an evolution of the efficient ACT Suite deployed in Airbus Training and adopted by major Type Training organisations worldwide, adapted to the needs of schools and universities.

With this solution you can provide your students with practical and interactive sessions with a 'learning by doing' approach, using a virtual Airbus aircraft.

The ACT for Academy solution includes:

  • A 3D virtual Airbus aircraft, including virtual cockpit, virtual engines and a walk-around trainer
  • Scenario driven exercises to perform typical aircraft systems maintenance tasks
  • General familiarisation on Airbus courseware to present and explain the aircraft

Stand out from the competition

'ACT for Academy' can be the game-changer you need to reach new opportunities.

  • Benefit from an integrated solution of training material to fit into your training curriculum
  • Reinforce your academic prestige with an official Airbus solution
  • Prepare the next generations with Training based on modern Aircraft Technology and innovating teaching techniques
  • Strengthen student's knowledge retention with a state-of-the-art solution
  • Unlock full potential: by working on real case scenarios students gain first-hand knowledge and expertise
  • Support student's path to success: our offer allows them to be more 'operational ready' and attractive for future employers
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Supporting young generations

For a brighter future

We collaborate with different schools and universities across the world to contribute in the development of aeronautical skills and competences at the early stages of the education programs. With ‘ACT for Academy’ you can be part of our recognised network.

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