TESTIA recruited International Interns under Business France’s V.I.E programme in 2018. One year later, the company was praised for its commitment towards these young graduates who have actively been supporting TESTIA’s international development. A win-win for both parties.

Yesterday evening, TESTIA, an Airbus Company received the « Grand Prix V.I.E Entreprises » under the « ETI » category (medium to large-size companies), in attendance of Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary to the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The event, which was organised by the MEDEF, Business France and the CCEs, was the 3rd edition of this ceremony which celebrates every two years companies’ success within the V.I.E programme.

The V.I.E is an international internship programme established by Business France and the French Embassy. It allows young French professional to carry out assignments overseas, on behalf of a chosen company. TESTIA especially used the programme in 2018-2019 to support its international development with 3 sales engineers in the UK, Canada and Singapore.

TESTIA was proud to receive an accolade yesterday. The company was notably praised for its commitment towards its young recruits, the warm welcome and great training they received as well as the quality of their assignments. The organisers applauded the trust TESTIA placed within its VIE as well as the clear enthousiasm from the V.I.Es to be part of this journey.

"This prize goes to TESTIA as a whole. I believe the success of this programme would not have been possible without the cooperation of all our employees who supported our V.I.Es by offering them training and advice and helping them begin their assignment in optimum conditions, proudly commented TESTIA CEO David Rottembourg.

Their Manager Teddy Canadas, TESTIA Chief Commercial Officer, also praised his team for its great accomplishments: "I am very proud of them. They have been offering a tremendous contribution to our global strategy and helped flourishing our development and sales in their regions. I thank them for their great energy and enthousiasm and look forward to keep working with them!"

As for the V.I.Es themselves, they also get great benefits from this programme: « the job we have been given is a stimulating challenge; I especially appreciate the diversity of my missions as well as the trust I receive from my manager and the autonomy I am given », says Maxime, Sales Engineer in Singapore.
TESTIA’s team now has another V.I.E on board in Spain. A programme that clearly seems to pay off well.