NAVBLUE is the first Data Service Provider (DSP) to operationally support Take-Off Surveillance 2 (TOS 2) for the A320 and A330 aircraft families.

TOS 2 is an Airbus avionics function designed to monitor aircraft position with respect to the runway and calculates the lift-off distance with all engines running to check the aircraft can safely take-off.

TOS 2 relies on accurate information stored in the navigation database (NDB). TOS 2 warnings will be available only at airports where the NDB contains “airport data validity check” flag at TRUE. NAVBLUE Navigation+ provides the most complete and accurate aeronautical information available to support TOS 2, delivering TOS 2 validation for more than 1,955 airports and 5,440 runways. It is the only offering that provides global A320 Family coverage at no additional cost.

NAVBLUE Navigation+ is constantly evolving according to the latest applicable industry standards and to the emerging industry needs for enhanced data. NAVBLUE is working in close coordination with the Airbus Design Office to support advanced avionics functions and anticipate future needs.