Breeze Airways, the latest airline launched by David Neeleman with plans to enter into service by 2021, has just signed an agreement with NAVBLUE to support its digital airline experience. 


Preparing its entry into service, Breeze Airways required a software suite to support their Flight Operations. Expanding on its existing relationship with Airbus, the airline naturally chose NAVBLUE for its operational systems, with a contract including: 


  • N-Flight Planning (N-FP) and N-Tracking, two solutions that empower flight dispatchers and flight followers with the most optimized routes and a graphical display to enhance the airline’s situational awareness of its fleet.


  • N-Ops and Crew Management, a solution which will enable the airline to manage long term planning as well as day-of-operations with a single highly-configurable system within one application (schedule planning, day-of-ops management, crew scheduling, crew planning and crew qualifications).


  • Two crew scheduling solutions: N-Preferential Bidding System, a seniority-based crew rostering system combining manpower and productivity targets with crew member work preferences and N-Pairing Optimizer which converts flight schedules into individual crew pairings to optimize productivity and cost for crew scheduling.


  • The contract also includes eFF+, an on-board application for pilots and a ground mission data tool for dispatchers; Navigation+, an accurate and comprehensive database including all relevant aeronautical navigation data with worldwide coverage.


Thomas Lagaillarde, Head of Product Portfolio & Programmes at NAVBLUE, said: “We are very proud that Breeze Airways, the newest airline on the American market, has chosen NAVBLUE for its Flight Operations. With this digital suite, the airline will ensure smooth entry into service thanks to innovative and state-of-the art operations solutions.”



Breeze is pleased to extend our partnership with Airbus to include the NAVBLUE suite of products. As a technology forward company, NAVBLUE provides the functionality, reliability and efficiency Breeze and our guests require

Tom Anderson, COO at Breeze Airways