Frontier Airlines, the ultra low cost carrier based in Denver, has selected NAVBLUE for their industry leading crew bidding system, N-Preferential Bidding System (N-PBS).  This agreement strengthens the relationship between NAVBLUE, a subsidiary of Airbus, and Frontier, who operate an all-Airbus fleet. 

“We’ve been pleased with the roll out of NAVBLUE N-PBS and continue to work with NAVBLUE to further customize the system for ease of use by our crews and based on our specific criteria,” said Brad Lambert, Vice President of Flight Operations, Frontier Airlines. 

N-PBS is an innovative seniority-based crew bidding system that will enable Frontier to maintain the airline’s schedule integrity while keeping the crewmember’s quality of life in mind.  

With over 40,000 crewmembers in North America using N-PBS every month, Frontier has joined a customer base that NAVBLUE highly values.  Todd Bourg, Director of Operations and Crew Products at NAVBLUE said, “Working with the Frontier Airlines management team to bring PBS to their crewmembers has been a productive endeavor.  We are confident that our PBS will enhance flexibility for the Frontier crewmembers while helping the company achieve their operational productivity targets.”