NAVBLUE is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Performance Based Navigation (PBN) implementation initiative in Indonesia on behalf of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This initiative is part of the EU-South East Asia Aviation Partnership Project, funded by the EU and implemented by EASA. The goal of this initiative was to undertake PBN implementation at airports in Indonesia targeted at enhancing safety for air passengers in airports mainly flown by ATR operators.

NAVBLUE worked in close collaboration with EASA, ATR, NTU, AirNav Indonesia (the Air Navigation Service Provider of Indonesia) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (the Indonesian civil aviation regulator) as well as Indonesia ATR operators such as Wings Air and Citilink, to develop PBN RNP Approach procedures for 3 airports: 

  • Atambua Airport (IATA: ABU, ICAO: WATA)
  • Bajawa Airport (IATA: BJW, ICAO: WATB)
  • Larantuka Airport (IATA: LKA, ICAO: WATL)

Launched in September 2019, NAVBLUE successfully submitted procedure designs and validation to the Indonesian authorities for approval and publication. The initiative also included recommendations for enhancing the Indonesian PBN Implementation Plan.

Thanks to these new procedures, ATR operators can benefit from enhanced safety in approach and increased window of operations”, said Florent Lucas, Head of Airspace Solutions in NAVBLUE. “For smaller airports PBN is a cost-effective way to implement instrument procedures benefiting from aircraft capability and GPS navigation.”

Christopher McGregor, ATR’s Flight Safety Officer said: “Performance Based Navigation (PBN) brings significant benefits to flight safety with particular focus on the approach phase. All ATR aircraft are delivered with satellite-based navigation capabilities, but this is just one part of the story. To take advantage of this technology, the specific airport approaches need to be designed and implemented. We congratulate the project team, which has seen a collaboration with EASA, NAVBLUE, AirNav Indonesia and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Indonesia).  ATR will push for this type of collaboration for all the regions of the world we serve.”

“This is a great example of impactful cooperation between European and South East Asian partners to improve safety. This initiative has benefitted from the expertise of the involved organisations (NAVBLUE, ATR, AirNav Indonesia, Indonesian Operators) and the facilitating role of the aviation authorities (DGCA Indonesia and EASA). Undoubtedly this is an example model to replicate in future.”

Luc Tytgat, EASA Strategy and Safety Management Director

NAVBLUE brings end-to-end solutions in implementing PBN procedures thanks to its expertise in every key domain of the initiative.

Thank you to all stakeholders involved to have successfully managed this initiative.