NAVBLUE and Hawaiian Airlines are expanding their relationship with Hawaii’s largest and longest-serving carrier selecting the N-Tracking solution after finalizing the RFP for a new ASD and Flight Following tool. Hawaiian Airlines has a long history of working with NAVBLUE with the Preferential Bidding System and Pairing Optimizer for Crew solutions in 2005 and Flight Planning in 2016.


Headquartered in the Pacific, it was essential for Hawaiian Airlines to select a product that would offer reliable fleet awareness to the SOCC team with Satellite, Space based ADS-B, Terrestrial ASD-B as well as traditional radar tracking solutions.  N-Tracking, powered by FlightAware's real-time, historical and predictive aviation data, is able to ensure Hawaiian’s aircraft are monitored within the GADSS compliance mandate.

“We have a long standing relationship with NAVBLUE and have been impressed with their flexibility and willingness to provide a high level of support and to address all of our concerns with our applications.”

David Rouse, Managing Director SOCC

“We are excited about the NAVBLUE product roadmap, incorporating the FAA Swim Data Feed and other enhancements to support our team with tactical decision making. Much gratitude and credit to the NAVBLUE project team who partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to remarkably turn the program into production for our front-line users in just 3 weeks from contract signature.” said David Rouse, Managing Director SOCC.