• NAVBLUE to provide flight operations excellence solutions for new south Korean start-up airline
  • Services signature in June 2021 and execution dates aligned with entry into service of Aero K fleet and opening of international routes


Toulouse, France, 5th July 2021 - Aero K, South Korea’s newest start-up airline, has just signed a package of services with NAVBLUE to ensure a focus on flight operations excellence and efficiency from the outset of its operations. These services will include:

  • Flight Operations Entry into Service Assistance, providing expertise in activities ranging from flight operations engineering to safety and quality management system and advisory assistance for the opening of international routes;
  • Implementation of a complete Fuel Monitoring solution with the SkyBreathe® software, to ensure efficiency of operations now and in the future;
  • Assistance for Fuel & Flight Efficiency and Flight Preparation, to complement the fuel monitoring solution and ensure an effective organization and robust procedures, in order to maximise operational benefits.

Aero K has been a NAVBLUE customer since 2019, operating Charts+, NFP, N-Tracking, AODB, Navigation Database and Flysmart iOS on its first aircraft, an A320-200 operating on a domestic route. The start-up airline is also the first customer in Korea for Skybreathe®, the software designed by OpenAirlines and incorporated in NAVBLUE’s fuel efficiency solutions since 2018.

Operating in a highly competitive low-cost market, Aero K places a strong focus on the importance of implementing robust flight operations practices and efficient procedures, to maximise its operational excellence and cost savings from day one. NAVBLUE’s expertise will support the airline in this approach while enhancing its digitalisation, in view of an integration with Skywise.




Drawing on its strong expertise and ability to leverage tool capability towards sustainable operations, NAVBLUE will provide Aero K with a complete and complementary package, fulfilled by dedicated professionals and best in class tools, backed by its Airbus OEM experience.

Fabrice Hamel, CEO of NAVBLUE

“Aero K aims to establish itself as the most efficient and eco-friendly LCC in Northeast Asia by achieving not only fuel optimization but also low carbon emission goals through this Skybreathe contract. At the same time, with the cooperation between Aero K and NAVBLUE we want to take advantage of this opportunity to adopt and apply the best practices in terms of green flight beyond the simple fuel management system implementation”, said BK Moon, Fuel Manager of Aero K.