6th July, 2021 - Azul Brazilian Airlines and Jazeera Airways renewed their confidence in Airbus’ Flight Hour maintenance Services (FHS) for their A320 respective fleets.


In 2016, Azul became the first Airbus FHS customer in Latin America when selecting Airbus to provide component services for its A320 fleet, before extending the service to its entire and growing A320 and A330 Family fleets. Today, Azul renewed its trust in Airbus’ services to encompass LEAP engines' spare parts and repair services for its A320 and A321 fleets.


This contract extension providing additional equipment coverage reflects Airbus’ commitment to continuously adapt to its customers' evolving needs by now offering nose to tail maintenance solutions.

The entire Airbus fleet of Azul Brazilian Airlines is supported by FHS services; covering LEAP engines was the next logical step to ensure a seamless customer experience and facilitate their operations

Yohan Closs, Airbus Head of Customer Services for Latin America.

In the Middle East region, Jazeera Airways has extended Airbus’ FHS component services on its A320ceo and A320neo fleets by another two years.

Jazeera had selected Airbus’ FHS in 2019 to cover its A320 Family fleet and further improve its on-time performance. The maintenance-by-the-hour service contract includes material services with on-site-parts stock management, as well as access to Airbus’ pool of parts, engineering and repair services.


These two extensions confirm the continued success of Airbus’ Flight Hour Services in providing the best suited maintenance-by-the-hour services.