Toulouse, 01 July, 2021 - For a cargo operator like Western Global, with a network that extends to 400 cities in 134 countries, having a reliable flight planning system is a must.


In January, managers at WGA got together to explore ways they could further optimize their flight planning and fuel usage. Using one of N-Flight Planning’s 9 tankering options, they tested it out to see

what kind of cost savings they could realize.


After 164 flights, the company reported they have saved over $650,000 USD in fuel costs! This directly

impacts their bottom line and N-Flight Planning is happy to be a part of this transformation. As Brian

Dodd, Manager of Flight Following at Western Global said, “We set out to see if there were any cost

savings in fuel tankering within NFP and were pleased with the results. We plan to continue our tankering program and look forward to more saved costs.”


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