Peach Aviation, the Japanese Low-Cost Carrier being part of the ANA Group, has been using NAVBLUE’s electronic Flight Folder (eFF) since late 2021.

Mr. Hitoshi Yoshizuka, Vice President of Flight Crew Department (Pilot) at Peach Aviation, and Ms. Kae Yamashita, Assistant Manager of Operations Control Center (Dispatcher) at Peach Aviation, told us about their experience with NAVBLUE’s eFF:

Q: What benefits do you perceive compared to your past paper briefing process?

Ms. Yamashita (Dispatcher): We no longer have to send documents by e-mail or fax, which makes it much easier to hand them over, especially outside the base.

I think another big benefit is that it is now easy to change flight plans when you need to load more fuel, due to aircraft changes or weather conditions.

Mr. Yoshizuka (Pilot): Briefings can now be done on a single device, without the annoyance of switching back and forth between paper and device. I feel much better now that I don’t have to carry paper anymore. The navigation from one information to another such as flight plans, weather information and NOTAMs is very smooth and less stressful. 

Q: How was the customisation of the tool adapted to your requirements and operational needs?

Ms. Yamashita (Dispatcher):Compared to the default product seen in the first demonstration, the customization made it much easier to use.

Mr. Yoshizuka (Pilot): We asked NAVBLUE to customize the  dashboard and navigation menu by focusing on the order of the checks we use in our briefings. The User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) is aligned with our company’s Briefing flow, which  makes  briefings much easier to do and checks harder to forget.

Q: How satisfied are you with the support received for the Ops approval?

Ms. Yamashita (Dispatcher): I really appreciate the efforts of the NAVBLUE team of experts to meet the minimum required specifications prior to the authorities observing flights for eFF implementation.

We at PEACH are very happy to have successfully gone paperless with our flight plans.

Q: How satisfied are your pilots with the solution?

Mr. Yoshizuka (Pilot)The majority of our pilots are satisfied with the application, giving it a score of 4 or higher on a 5-point scale. We feel that the system has the potential to become even better in the future.


NAVBLUE recently transitioned the eFF application to the recently launched Mission+ Flight.

Mission+ Flight is the integrated electronic flight folder module of Mission+ for mission management, providing briefing packages, flight follow-up and reporting capabilities to pilots. Mission+ is NAVBLUE’s brand new Electronic Flight Assistant which gathers all the information pilots need in one single application, on a globe-centric display.


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