• Five-year contract for entire all-Airbus fleet
  • Entry-into-service planned this year

Amsterdam, 4 June 2024 – Portugal’s flag carrier, TAP Air Portugal, has chosen NAVBLUE’s Mission+ FLIGHT and Flysmart+ solutions, which will support their evolving Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) requirements for a more integrated and connected digital Flight Operations environment.

TAP Air Portugal, that has been using NAVBLUE solutions since 2020, will now increase operational efficiency with Mission+ FLIGHT, the integrated electronic flight folder module of Mission+, NAVBLUE’s Electronic Flight Assistant, while reducing crew workload for pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight performance computations with Flysmart+.

Mission+ FLIGHT is the integrated electronic flight folder module for mission management that provides briefing packages, flight follow-up and reporting capabilities to pilots. 

The solution manages the data workflow between the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) systems and the crew’s application on the flight deck. It also allows to monitor and archive all the exchanged mission data such as flight acceptance and post flight reports.

Mission+ Flight increases efficiency reducing manual entries and risk of errors and enhances pilot’s situational awareness while reducing their workload. Before and during flight, the solution provides briefing packages automatically on pilots’, operations team’s and dispatchers’ tablets.

It is also compatible with FOMAX Aircraft Interface Device, a Flight Operations & Maintenance Exchanger currently equipped across parts of TAP’s fleet, that allows automatic retrieval of mission critical information overhead at each waypoint in the Mission+ FLIGHT Navlog.

Flysmart+, NAVBLUE’s aircraft performance and Weight & Balance calculation tool, is integrated with Mission+ FLIGHT; 

  • Launch buttons for all modules directly from Mission+ FLIGHT,

  • Data communications between both solutions,

allowing automatic retrieval of information from Mission+ FLIGHT to Flysmart+, such as   departure and arrival airports, aircraft type, or registration number. 

Marc Lemeilleur, CEO of NAVBLUE says: “TAP Air Portugal was looking for a truly integrated and connected EFB environment to support their pilots’ mission management activities in terms of Ground to Air solutions. Our solutions will provide TAP Air Portugal pilots with better situational awareness, reducing their workload and manual entries, making their journey seamless while improving operational efficiency and safety of the airline”.

Mário Bento, TAP Air Portugal Flight Operations Director says: “With the adoption of NAVBLUE's state-of-the-art EFB solutions, we aim to improve the pilot experience, streamline workflow in the cockpit to optimise flight management and take advantage of aircraft connectivity to foster better communication and coordination with our operational departments. This crucial step aligns with our commitment to digital transformation and sustainability, driving us towards a more innovative and eco-friendly future in aviation."

Founded in March 1945, TAP Air Portugal is the flag carrier of Portugal, part of Star Alliance, and operates a fleet of 81 aircraft, all Airbus (A319, A320, A321, A330). The airline serves a complex network of routes on around 80 destinations in Europe, Americas and Africa.


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