TUS Airways is a Cyprus-based scheduled and charter airline established in 2015.They operate  a fleet of five Airbus A320 series aircraft, with a capacity of 180 seats, to destinations to and from Cyprus, Israel, Greek islands, and the center of Europe. 

They have been using NAVBLUE’s Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service since 2021, and their Safety team comprises Safety Manager supported by dedicated teams to handle Flight Data Analysis, Safety Investigations, and Safety Audits. 

– Why did you decide to outsource your Flight Data Analysis (FDA) activities?

Outsourcing our FDA activities helped us reduce costs, have access to specialized expertise, reduce infrastructure burden, comply with industry regulations, and the ability to focus on the core safety functions, taking advantage of the deliverables.

We were also looking for the Flight Data Analysis (FDA) service option as it would have helped us reduce the complexity of maintaining the FDA tool and necessary infrastructure. We would also have needed competent and skilled human resources for regular upkeep of the tool and to manage the day-to-day activities of Flight Data Analysis.


– Why did you select NAVBLUE Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Management service?

We were looking for a FDA solution performed by experts, and the Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service provided by NAVBLUE is exactly that: 

A service executed by subject matter experts, including engineers and TRI/TRE pilots.

We wanted to focus on the  proper analysis and  identification of right priorities, as well as on the definition of mitigating actions and its  associated action plan, as these are the essential elements to obtain the maximum benefit from the Flight Data Analysis program.

We knew that the comprehensive and customized set of deliverables provided by NAVBLUE would help to identify hotspots, trends, and related safety issues from flight data. This set actually met our expectations, and made us feel confident regarding the quality of service provided going forward


– What do you think of the Nsight platform?

Once Nsight was launched by NAVBLUE, we got full access to Nsight (NAVBLUE’s FDA tool)  along with our Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service. 

We could view all the flights and events, ensuring transparency and ease of data sharing. Since it is a web based tool, the access to Nsight is quick and efficient. The access to Primary Flight Display (PFD) information eases the data analysis from Pilot’s point of view, as it emulates the cockpit display along with flight control surfaces and sidestick inputs. It also helps us in debriefing the crew.

With additional data sources like the weather data and airport databases, the analysis is accurate with additional contextual information. The List and Trace feature helps to access the parameters, supporting on the  flight data analysis whenever needed


– Can you tell us about one particular feature about Nsight that adds significant value to your flight data analysis needs?

The feature of the “Business Intelligence” tool embedded within Nsight has added significant value to our flight data analysis . The data is shared with relevant stakeholders within the same platform, allowing us to access the data easily. 

In addition to the standard Safety Performance Indicator Dashboard, NAVBLUE also supports  developing customized dashboards for our needs, including the customized Safety Action Group (SAG), that helps us to visualize the data in near real time with the flexibility to slice and dice the data to capture crucial information for the Safety Management process. Since we have easy access to the data, the decision making process is simpler and more efective. It also enables us to track our Safety Performance on a regular basis and make informed decisions.

Taking reference from Doc 9859,Safety Management Manual,Fourth Edition, 2018: 

“ The safety performance of the organization should be demonstrable and should clearly indicate to all interested parties that safety is being managed effectively. One approach to demonstrating this is through a “safety dashboard”, which is a visual representation that enables senior executives, managers, and safety professionals a quick and easy way to view the organization’s safety performance.”


– How is the NAVBLUE support?

NAVBLUE’s Support has been fantastic. The Service and Support is provided by skilled and experienced people in the domain, always meeting the expected timelines. The responsiveness to the queries are excellent. We never hesitate to contact the NAVBLUE team, they always hear our needs and provide solutions.


– How long have you been using NAVBLUE FDA Service and what is the feedback you have on the service quality?

The Service quality is excellent, and they keep on striving to improve the quality of deliverables. There is a constant feedback loop between us and NAVBLUE, which helps in getting the deliverables and database cleaned as per our needs and requirements. It can be observed that the deliverables are provided by subject matter experts, and the information can be relied on. The NAVBLUE team has always been flexible to adapt to changes, and even propose solutions that helped us improve the program.


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