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Flying your outsized cargo

Transporting your oversized cargo can be a challenge in a market at under-capacity. This is why Airbus developed a solution to answer your needs and expectations.

We fly your outsized cargo in the shortest time possible while limiting risks of delays and damage and in a cost-efficient way.

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Rely on our reactiveness & efficiency

The Beluga ST have played a key role in the Airbus production activities.

Today, Airbus Beluga Transport puts at your service these decades of experience in transporting oversized cargo.

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Trust us to ensure your cargo integrity

We understand the preciousness of your cargo and know how to take care of it.

Additionally, the dimensions of the Beluga ST reduces the need to dismantle your cargo, avoiding unnecessary risks of damage.

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Enjoy the best-in-class standard & quality of a European carrier

Just as we have treated our own cargo in the past, you can expect the same level of care for your outsized cargo, with worldwide strategic prepositioning of loading means.

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Benefit from a cost efficient solution

Our transportation service is competitive thanks to the low fuel consumption of the Beluga fleet, as well as streamlined ground and flight operations.



Looking for more information on how to transport your outsized cargo?

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