Type Specific Cabin Training

The aim of the Type Specific Cabin Training is to provide airline personnel with information and operational recommendations on Airbus aircraft and cabin systems, in order to reinforce competences for a successful Entry Into Service (EIS). This training enables airlines to develop training programmes and update their operating manuals. 
The Type Specific Cabin Training includes:

  • Cabin knowledge Modules (CKM) 
  • Virtual Handset Trainer (A350 and A380)
  • Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer
  • Emergency equipment review
  • Door/Exit practical training*
  • As an option, Airbus Crew Resource Management (ACRM)**

Airbus Aircraft Familly: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 

* At Airbus Training Centers and customer base, if available
** Not available on the e-Training platform


Classic to Enhanced FAP Training

The aim of this training is to provide airline personnel that already use the Classic FAP with the knowledge and skills to operate the Enhanced FAP. 

The Classic to Enhanced FAP Training includes:

  • Cabin knowledge Modules (CKM)
  • Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer

Airbus Aircraft Familly: A320 | A330 | A340

A320 to A321 ACF (NX) Difference Training

The aim of this training is to highlight the differences between the A320 family and the A321 ACF.
This training focuses on the description and operation of:

  • Aircraft presentation
  • Doors and Exits
  • Slides/Sliderafts

A330 to A350 Difference Training

The aim of this training is to highlight the differences between the A330 and the A350.
Some of the topics include:

  • Cockpit escape hatch
  • Cabin differences
  • Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS) 
  • Doors 
  • Sliderafts
  • Optional features
Cabin Crew Extended Training

Airbus Cabin Instructor Course (ACIC)

The aim of this dynamic course is to provide instructors/new instructors with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude to develop and deliver cabin crew training within their own airline. 

This course focuses on the following:

  • Facilitation
  • Feedback  
  • Training delivery
  • Learning processes
  • Communication
  • Interaction with trainees
  • Training needs analysis
  • Management of training sessions

Initial Operating Experience (IOE)

The aim of this unique experience is to provide the airline with customised in-flight support and guidance, with an Airbus instructor, in order to enhance cabin operations. 
This service is designed for:

  • The Entry Into Service (EIS)
  • Line training


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