Maintenance & Structure Training

With you for safe & efficient operations
Maintenance training - two people
Maintenance & Structure Training
Develop your competencies all along your career for Safe & Efficient operations

Airbus proposes its Maintenance & Structure training services to support you from the development of an upstream suitable programme for the future maintenance technicians and engineers to the aircraft type related training and the continuation/recurrent training for experienced mechanics.

We accompany you all along your operations and we adapt our Maintenance & Structure training services to your needs and expectations thanks to flexible, comprehensive and tailor-made training solutions, whether in one of the Airbus training centres, or in your premises with Airbus instructors, remote training solutions or with our innovative training materials deployed at your base.

Our expertise

maintenance training

Basic Training

Skills, knowledge and attitude from the start
Maintenance training - two people

Type Training

Ready to operate for safe & efficient operations

Continuation Training

Focus on the right skills for safe & efficient operations
Structure Training - people in laboratory

Structure Training

When competencies drive efficiency
People Office VR Maintenance Digital MockUp

Maintenance & Structure Solutions

Driving efficiency and cost savings



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