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Airbus Services purpose is to further enhance safety in the aviation industry, strengthen our relationship with our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future. From a fully integrated package including training, flight operations, maintenance, upgrades, dismantling & recycling, to a single ad hoc solution, our complete services portfolio covers the entire aircraft life cycle from entry into service to end-of-life.


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Flight Operations solutions delivering safe, efficient and on-time services


Flight Operations solutions to help our customers deliver safe, on-time services and increase operational efficiency.

Quality training services - image © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2020 - photo by P. MASCLET / master films


Training solutions raising the quality of training in the aviation industry, worldwide, and contributing to airlines’ profitability and efficiency.

Aircraft in maintenance hangar - © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2013 - photo by exm company / H.GOUSSÉ


Solutions to ensure safe efficient maintenance across the entire aircraft lifecycle.

Digital on-board solutions improving passenger comfort and safety.


Tailored on-board solutions improving passenger comfort and safety, integrating digital solutions across the aviation ecosystem.

Specialist services backed by decades of experience in the airline industry.


Unrivaled expertise on a range of specialist services backed by decades of experience in the airline industry.



Unlock the full potential of aviation data. Skywise offers smart, insightful and AI-driven analytics.

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A300-600 MNG Airline


MNG Airlines becomes a new customer for N-Flight Planning

MNG Airlines which holds a significant share of the air cargo sector in Turkey, has just signed with NAVBLUE to implement N-Flight Planning (N-FP) on its all-Airbus fleet of 9 aircraft.

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lycée airbus apprentice


Front-line aircraft mechanics

“There will be a massive demand for aircraft maintenance technicians and engineers over the next 15 to 20 years, but the risk of shortages is real,” explained Christophe Ponnet, the Maintenance Training Operations Director for Airbus Customer Services. “This is due to such factors as the retirement of today’s ageing maintenance personnel, the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on hiring and training, as well as less enthusiasm for a job that may not have esteem as being a pilot.”

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A319neo SAF - refueling


NAVBLUE supports operators to adopt and implement the latest EASA regulatory changes

EASA announced regulatory changes in March 2022, giving operators the option to carry less fuel with the main changes impacting the contingency fuel. NAVBLUE places safety and efficiency at the core of its strategy and has developed services and solutions to assist operators across these domains and all other flight operations sectors.

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Sustainability across the aircraft lifecycle.

Our industry has a significant role to play on environmental challenges. We believe that by demanding more of ourselves, we can demand less of our planet.

To reduce the impact of aircraft operations on the environment Airbus Services works in collaboration with the entire supply chain to address all the ground and flight phases, and this all along the life cycle of your aircraft.

For that purpose, we propose a range of solutions that focus on the reduction of CO2, noise and waste

Cabin Configuration Tool

Airbus Cabin Configuration Tool

Airbus Cabin Configuration Tool will show you how to best configure your cabin through the implementation of key features and understand the future potential of your in-service cabin.



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