As the A330neo Family’s largest member, the A330-900 retains the fuselage length of Airbus’ A330-300 variant to accommodate between 260 and 300 seats in a typical three-class layout, or up to 460 in economy class.



Overall length63.66 m
Cabin length50.36 m
Fuselage width5.64 m
Max cabin width5.26 m
Wing span (geometric)64 m
Height16.79 m
Track10.68 m
Wheelbase25.38 m


Pax Max seating460
Typical seating 3-class260-300
Cargo LD3 capacity underfloor33
Max pallet number underfloor9 + 5 LD3
Water volume215 m³


Range13,334 km
Max ramp weight251.90 tonnes
Max take-off weight251.00 tonnes
Max landing weight191.00 tonnes
Max zero fuel weight181.00 tonnes
Max fuel capacity139 090 litres


Overall length208 ft 10 in
Cabin length165 ft 3 in
Fuselage width18 ft 6 in
Max cabin width17 ft 3 in
Wing span (geometric)210 ft 0 in
Height55 ft 1 in
Track35 ft 1 in
Wheelbase83 ft 4 in


Pax Max seating460
Typical seating260-300
Cargo LD3 capacity underfloor33
Max pallet number underfloor9 + 5 LD3
Water volume7 617 ft³


Range 7 200 nm
Max ramp weight555.40 lb x 1000
Max take-off weight553.4 lb x 1000
Max landing weight421.08 lb x 1000
Max zero fuel weight399.00 lb x 1000
Max fuel capacity36 750 USG



The mid-size widebody with lowest seat-mile costs

It is a versatile platform that delivers highly efficient performance for airlines, from short-haul segments to long-range routes over distances of up to 7,200nm. 

Key enhancements include the latest-generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, along with new technologies and multiple aerodynamic improvements such as new composite winglet devices that extend the wingspan by four metres to generate increased lift and reduce drag.

Designed to be efficient on any sector length, the A330-900 reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 25% compared to previous generation aircraft, and offers double digit cost advantages per seat, providing airlines with more revenue opportunities.

A330-900neo cabin

A cabin that takes the passenger experience to new heights

As Airbus launched its new Airspace cabin philosophy with the A330neo Family, passengers on the A330-900 enjoy this truly innovative, inspiring and relaxing environment. 

No detail has been spared when it comes to creating a comfortable setting for passengers that offers more space everywhere – with wide seats, a beautifully lit cabin and the latest generation in-flight entertainment, plus email and Wi-Fi capabilities. 

Whether it’s short, medium or long-haul, everyone can settle in and enjoy the flight with optimum comfort, along with technology they are accustomed to on the ground.  

Utilising the state-of-the-art cabin developments introduced on Airbus’ A350 and encompassing four key pillars (comfort, ambience, services and design), Airspace offers more personal space, a unique welcome area and signature design elements developed by Airbus to transform the A330-900’s cabin into a true representation of luxury.


A330neo on ground

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