As a modern jetliner with advanced Airbus technology that includes fly-by-wire flight controls, the A330-300 wide-body offers a highly capable platform for conversion into a freighter. Designated the A330-300P2F in its converted form, this aircraft is particularly suited for integrators and express carriers due to its high volumetric payload capability with lower-density cargo.



Overall length63.66 m
Cabin length50.4 m
Fuselage width5.64 m
Max cabin width5.26 m
Wing span60.3 m
Height16.79 m
Track10.68 m
Wheelbase25.38 m


Max payload62 tonnes
Pallets or containers main deckup to 27 pallets
underfloor11 pallets or 32 LD3


Max range6780 km
Max ramp weight233.9 tonnes
Max take-off weight233 tonnes
Max landing weight182 tonnes
Max zero fuel weigh170 tonnes
Max fuel capacity78 315 kg


Length191 ft 46 in
Fuselage width18 ft 6 in
Max cabin width17 ft 4 in
Wing span (geometric)197 ft 10 in
Height57 ft 11 in


Max payload3132.27 lb x 1 000
Pallets or containers main deckup to 23 pallets
underfloor8 pallets + 2 LD3 containers


Max range3660 nm
Max ramp weight515.7 lb x 1000
Max take-off weight513.7 lb x 1000
Max landing weight401.2 lb x 1000
Max zero fuel weigh374.8 lb x 1000
Max fuel capacity172 655 lb



Modern capabilities

The large number of passenger A330s in service provides a source of aircraft to support the freighter conversion for many years. The A330P2F programme offers a passenger-to-freighter conversion opportunity for A330s that have completed their useful operational service as commercial jetliners. 

Both the A330-200 and A330-300 versions are eligible for the P2F conversion.  The longer-fuselage A330-300P2F is particularly suited for integrators and express carriers, resulting from its high volumetric payload capability with lower-density cargo, while the A330-200P2F is optimised for higher-density freight and longer-range performance.

As a modern aircraft with advanced Airbus technology that includes fly-by-wire flight controls, the A330 offers a highly capable platform for conversion into a freighter.  More than 1,600 A330s have been ordered, with over 1,300 delivered to date since the A330’s service entry in 1994 – providing a large source of aircraft to support the conversion programme for many years.

A330-300P2F Interior

Programme collaboration

The A330P2F conversion programme, launched in 2012, is a collaboration between ST Aerospace, Airbus and their joint venture EFW. ST Aerospace, as the programme and technical lead for the engineering development phase, is responsible for applying for supplemental type certificates from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. Airbus contributes to the programme with original equipment manufacturer data and certification support, while EFW leads the industrialisation phase and marketing for the freighter conversion programme.

A330-300P2F © AIRBUS S.A.S 2012 - computer rendering by FIXION - GWLNSD

Complementary to the A330-200F

The A330P2F is complementary to Airbus’ new-production A330-200F freighters, as the converted aircraft address a different price-point and end-users, based on separate operational requirements. 

The global market has already proven it can support both new-production freighters and converted freighter products using the same aircraft platform as the basis – if the platform is right, as is the case with the A330.

First A330-300P2F delivered exterior view

Market demand

Of the approximately 2,700 freighters required during the next 20 years, about half of the total demand will be required in the mid-sized segment of the A330 – including some 900 conversions.  As the mid-sized freighter segment has always been the largest in terms of demand, the replacement cycle is continuous


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