Services accompany an aircraft throughout its entire lifecycle, from before entry-into-service until dismantling and recycling. 

The Global Services Forecast (GSF) looks at the evolution of this highly competitive market, providing a forecast of commercial aviation’s demand for asset maintenance, personnel training, fleet operation and passenger experience enhancement. The 20 year forecast covers passenger aircraft with 100 seats and above plus freighter aircraft of 10 tonnes payload and more. 

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People love to fly. 

Flight cycles are now above 2019 levels as commercial aviation brings people back together.

However the world has evolved since and commercial aviation services players are working harder than ever to safely and sustainably address and enable this rise in traffic demand.



Passengers expected in 2023 



Estimated services market value in 2023


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Over the next 20 years

The commercial aircraft services market is expected to nearly double in value to reach $255 billion by 2042, for the ‘Maintain’, ‘Train & Operate’ and ‘Enhance’ streams. 

Traffic demand, fleet evolution and aircraft replacement will drive services demand over the next 20 years. 

Over 17,000 aircraft due to be replaced will provide opportunities for aviation to stimulate the circular economy.

An increase in the amount of connected aircraft flying will showcase the impact of digitalisation to connect the ecosystem, improving utilisation of the fleet and enhancing passenger experience.


Services market in 2042


Cumulative new workforce required

17 000+ 

Aircraft to be replaced. Reuse. Repair. Recycle.

GSF 2023-2042 - 3 streams addressing the needs of commercial aviation (Maintain, Train & Operate, Enhance)


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