Airbus Customer Services teams are working hard to adapt maintenance recommendations and support customers which have fleets partially or wholly grounded during this period.

The situation calls for exceptional measures and reactivity to provide pragmatic support to operators during this difficult period, while keeping the highest levels of safety. To this end, Airbus is helping airlines to reduce the huge and sudden maintenance workload, and to ensure a quick return to service of their aircraft when required. In addition to increasing its support teams and giving recommendations to customers, Airbus is providing technical justifications and solutions for maintenance burden reduction. This includes extending calendar intervals for scheduled maintenance tasks and reducing the frequency of periodic ground checks wherever justified by experience and engineering analysis. Airbus has published technical data via Operators Information Transmissions (OITs). Customers can submit technical queries directly to Airbus Customer Services via the AirbusWorld portal.

For a comprehensive overview on aircraft storage measures, please consult the latest Airbus online FAST article on this subject:

Protecting precious assets: Parking and storing aircraft