NAVBLUE has expanded its offering for airlines with a new digital solution, Performance Factor Optimizer, connected to Airbus’ Skywise open data platform. Developed by NAVBLUE, Airbus’ Flight Operations subsidiary, the new app provides an accurate interpretation of the performance variation for each Airbus aircraft, on an individual aircraft basis. This web-based solution automatically computes the “delta specific range” (DSR) and the associated performance factors used in the Flight Management System (FMS) and the flight planning system, with an automatic aircraft performance database pairing. Performance varies over the life of all in-service aircraft, leading to slightly higher fuel consumption levels as an aircraft ages. This is attributed to degradation effects, which impact both the engines and airframe. The Performance Factor Optimizer application automatically identifies and investigates the resulting DSR trends over time, allowing a more continuous and regular monitoring while reducing the operator workload. As a next step, using the power of additional aircraft data sources (QAR, DAR, SAR*) the app will enable an increased number of points to be analysed, resulting in better coverage of the flight phases for even greater accuracy.

*Quick Access Recorder, Direct Access Recorder, Smart Access Recorder