In order to prepare pilots for return to service, Airbus Services has launched two dedicated flight training solutions.

The first one is a ‘Pilot Relaunch Program course’ for pilots who have not flown for a few months and the second one is an extended distance learning solution for the pilots who were planned to undergo a full “Airbus type rating” training program. Thanks to the latter, pilots are able to start the theoretical part of the training without further delay, via distance-learning and classroom instruction via video-conferencing.


Airbus Pilot Relaunch Program

The Airbus Pilot Re-launch Program (APRP) is an Airbus developed ‘relaunch’ program to enable pilots of Airbus aircraft to train and reinforce operational fundamentals after an interruption of flying activities. This specific program provides variable training scenarios to adapt to the individual, and incorporates the Competency-Based Training Assessment philosophy.

It is focused and therefore short: one day including both theoretical and practical (simulator) training.

Extended Flight Training Distance Learning Solution

Classroom instruction via video-conferencing has been introduced allowing the instructor to hold a class via video-conferencing, It accompanies the already existing distance learning modules covering “system knowledge”, the initial part of the Type Rating training for the A320, A330 & A350.

The classroom instruction via video-conferencing was created and written by Airbus, and approved by the French national aviation authorities (DGAC).

This digital solution for theoretical flight training allows pilots to spend a minimum amount of time in the Airbus Training Centres and is planned to remain on offer after the crisis as it helps airlines by saving crews’ travel time and costs. Obviously, it still has to be complemented by later training & simulator sessions in our training centres.

Classroom instruction via video-conferencing has proven to be of great help to ensure training continuation, in particular for cadets in our flight training schools, and for preparing pilots’ return to operations without delaying their required training program.