Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing systems in aerospace industry, Airbus is offering their unrivalled expertise to other sectors beyond aerospace.

After having been working within and outside the aerospace industry for a few years already, Airbus' Engineering Design & Services initiative have now scaled their offering into a brand new portfolio.

The services offered capitalise on Airbus' highly specialised skills, focusing on customers needs where a project requires specialist expertise in one or more of the following five niche fields: 

  • Harsh environments (low and high temperature, high vibrations…)
  • High performance (aerodynamics, strong and light materials…)
  • High integrity (very robust, safety of life)
  • Highly regulated
  • High complexity (products with millions of parts)

The idea is not to make engineering a commodity but to offer a cutting-edge service to customers within a niche domain.

The scope of Engineering & Design Services is broad, aiming to propose a catalogue of standard off-the-shelf services, as well as the ability to respond to customer needs through a more tailored approach

Amrish Pathack, Head of Consulting Services at Airbus

Engineering & Design Services are particularly suitable in some industrial sectors like:

- Automotive or Nautical industries: using Airbus' knowledge on aerodynamics, composite materials and stress analysis to improve design

- Medical industry: bringing the company’s skills in remote monitoring with via telemetry datalinks to the medical sector for tracking the function of artificial hearts


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