Starting in January, NAVBLUE has worked with Airports of Montenegro JSC to develop candidate RNP AR procedures for Tivat Airport (IATA: TIV, ICAO: LYTV) one of Montenegro’s two international airports. The project included the development of RNP AR APCH procedures for both runway ends as well as RNP AR Departures for both runway ends. While there are no public criteria for RNP AR Departures, NAVBLUE has developed its own set of criteria which have been accepted by regulators around the world. RNP AR procedures can improve access to airports near challenging terrain and can optimise payload for departures, whilst maintaining a high level of safety in both cases.


This was an exciting project, we know that RNP AR has the potential to unlock access and capacity at certain airports. Combining RNP AR with an airfield lighting study shows that night operations are possible at Tivat Airport which could mean more balanced traffic during the seasonal peak.

Florent Lucas, Head of Airspace Solutions at NAVBLUE

“NAVBLUE’s knowledge of aircraft performance and RNP AR procedure design means that we can now consider investing in updating Tivat Airport to allow night operations,” said Mr. Danilo Oralndic, CEO of Airports of Montenegro. “This could have a direct impact on our ability to attract tourism and business travel to Tivat.”