With large parts of the world’s airlines’ fleets still grounded, preservation of aircraft remains a pressing concern. Satair now offers the newly launched FLASHPLUG® quick engine preservation solution developed by J.B. Roche in collaboration with Airbus - a real cost and time-saving innovation for parked aircraft. The solution is ideal for on-wing engine preservation during parking or storage.

Product advantages at a glance:

  • Installation time of 8 minutes (one mechanic)
  • Low cost (cheaper than film & tape option)
  • Re-usable (can be re-fit multiple times)
  • Special Adhesive Formulation (will not damage paint or leave sticky residue)
  • Small & lightweight (can be packed with Fly Away Kit)

This engine preservation solution has been developed in response to operators’ need to preserve their engines on-wing. Not only is the solution a fast and cost effective one, but the FLASHPLUG® is also smaller and easier to handle than traditional engine preservation solutions. The FLASHPLUG® weighs a mere 700 grams and can be folded into a tiny package for future use in the fly-away kit and can be shipped in a usual document express envelope. It takes less than 10 minutes for a mechanic to fit the FLASHPLUG®. It can be re-used multiple times after engine run-ups and it will withstand the harshest of weather conditions - and this at a very low cost. This innovative development is helping our customers to simplify their aircraft parking and storage procedures significantly. A FLASHPLUG® Kit consists of two engine sets. The FLASHPLUG® is an Airbus validated product and can be purchased through Satair with the Part Numbers below:

  • 98D10103001000 for CFM56-5B
  • 98D10103002000 for LEAP 1A
  • 98D10103003000 for PW1100G

Find more product information on J.B. Roche’s website.