Sustainability is one of the goals that is set to shape the future of aviation. Implementing and maintaining a robust fuel and flight efficiency program is key to achieve this goal whilst reducing fuel costs and corresponding CO2 emissions by 2 to 5% on average.

With this in mind, NAVBLUE offers a unique and diverse portfolio of solutions to support airlines at any stage of their efficiency journey.

NAVBLUE can assess the fuel efficiency maturity across the organization (from flight operations, dispatch, maintenance & engineering, ground operations and finance) and identify opportunities for fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction to initiate or enhance the airline’s fuel program with customized coaching.

Operators can also benefit from big data analytics with MONITOR, a multi-fleet solution combining advisory expertise and the OpenAirlines fuel monitoring software, SkyBreathe® to track, monitor, benchmark and report fuel saving initiatives. The dedicated pilot application, MyFuelCoach™, allows each pilot to monitor and compare their achievement against company-wide averages and hence improve their fuel saving contributions.

Complementary to the MONITOR solution, substantial improvements in efficiency can be achieved with the OPTIMIZE suite of applications focusing on the aircraft performance optimization for each aircraft. Automated from end-to-end, the first application named Performance Factor Optimizer allows continuous monitoring and improved analytics while reducing workload and risk of errors.

In addition to supporting the airline operations, NAVBLUE also provides AIRSPACE DESIGN solutions  to improve traffic flow and corresponding reductions of track miles, holding, level off, noise and environmental impact.