ASL Aviation Holdings have signed a contract with NAVBLUE to start using NAVBLUE’s GE FMS Navdata to support their Boeing 737 fleet and receive a harmonised data service. Airlines across Europe and Asia in the ASL group will begin utilising the NAVBLUE FMS data for their daily operations. 


By joining NAVBLUE’s renowned NAVDATA services, ASL airlines will benefit from a harmonised groupwide provision of aeronautical information including bespoke tailoring services to enhance their business activities and provide operational effectivity. In addition to the core FMS Navdata provided for 60 aircraft, ASL will also benefit from a flexible package and full operational coverage to support their growing business.


NAVBLUE has developed robust NAVDATA services to meet ASL’s specific needs and provide reliable, high quality and flexible services including:

  • Customized Tailoring services
  • Full Verification Survey
  • Supporting tools to ease the implementation of the data into the GE FMS

During unprecedented times in the airline industry, the requirement for receiving a high quality, reliable and flexible data provision is vital for every airline. NAVBLUE’s comprehensive GE FMS data service and tailored additions, combined with a flexible approach to meet the needs of this group of airlines will provide the support needed to excel during this challenging period.


Thomas Lagaillarde, VP Product Portfolio & Programmes at NAVBLUE said: ’’NAVBLUE innovative FMS data will be a perfect fit for the needs of ASL Group, providing daily support for critical operations with high quality flexible services’’

We needed a system that could be deployed across all of our airlines, providing the FMS data services we require while increasing efficiency and coordination between our operations. NAVBLUE’s ‘Navdata’ has proven to be the perfect fit.

Colin Grant, Chief Operating Officer at ASL Aviation Holding

ASL Aviation Group is a global aviation services group that consists of multiple companies including 6 airlines (7 airline operations) maintenance facilities and several leasing entities. ASL’s airlines operate under their own brands and they also operate passenger and cargo networks on behalf of major international customers including express freight integrators and passenger airlines.