Canada Jetlines signed a multi-year agreement with NAVBLUE to incorporate the several solutions to their flight operations. The solutions include: N-Flight PlanningN-TrackingNavigation+, charting solution, Flysmart+EFB ManagementHosted GatewayFDA Services and ɅODB.

These solutions will provide immediate efficiencies, reducing aircraft operating costs and environmental impact to the minimum for the new all-Canadian carrier.


As an Airbus operator, it made sense to first consider NAVBLUE services to help Canada Jetlines develop and achieve the highest level of safety and operational efficiency. This contract allows Canada Jetlines to further develop its relationship with Airbus through its NAVBLUE subsidiary (...)We look forward to the continued growth of this alliance and are grateful for the continued support from NAVBLUE.

Eddy Doyle CEO of Canada Jetlines



At NAVBLUE we are excited to count with Canada Jetlines as a new customer. We believe our solutions will allow Canada Jetlines for seamless growth once they start operations in 2022 and we will assist them at every stage to ensure they fully benefit from these solutions.


Thomas Lagaillarde, Vice President Product Portfolio & Programmes at NAVBLUE


With operations targeted to commence in the spring of 2022, Canada Jetlines aims to provide convenient travel options for the best value possible, offering more choices than competitors to coveted sun-destinations and more revenue options for agents and tour operators. 


About Canada Jetlines

Canada Jetlines is a well-capitalized, value, leisure carrier that intends to utilize a fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft to service popular sun destinations targeting a start in the spring of 2022, subject to Canadian Transport Agency and Transport Canada approval. The all-Canadian carrier was developed to provide the Canadian consumer with more choices and more economical options to fly to sun-destinations in the southern US, Caribbean, and Mexico. With a projected growth of 15 aircrafts by 2025, Canada Jetlines aims to offer the best-in-class operating economics, customer comfort and fly-by-wire technology, providing a guest centric experience from the first touchpoint. Canada Jetlines will use a state-of-the-art web booking platform, making the turnkey solution available to tour operators along with consumers, and to generate revenue on reservations and planned ancillary sales. The efficient aircraft design merged with the experience of the management suite allows for affordable flight options without sacrificing quality or convenience. 

Photo: (on the left) Brett Danks, Sales Manager at NAVBLUE (on the right) Eddy Doyle, CEO Canada Jetlines, (on the back) Vic Charlebois, Canada Jetlines VP Flight Operations


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