As the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worthy of note that many people do so with a heightened awareness of hygiene and safety. In response, touchless lavatory features were identified as part of Airbus’ Keep Trust in Air Travel programme launched at the start of the pandemic and now part of the Health Onboard mission.

Within this initiative, Airbus and Diehl Aviation have agreed to cooperate on the marketing and supply of Diehl’s touchless lavatory for all A320 Family and A330ceo aircraft. A unique retrofit solution, the lavatory is a complement to existing, and in development, line-fit touchless options. 

This affordable retrofit is easy to implement with a special conversion kit allowing installation of the complete lavatory during an overnight stop. The complete kit is made up of the water faucet, waste flap, toilet lid and toilet flush buttons. Customers can also choose to equip their aircraft with individual features.Advantages for airlines are the low weight of the kit, low purchase price, and the same part number for a wide range of Airbus aircraft types, keeping costs and inventory low.

Airbus has always taken great care to enable a safe environment on board our aircraft, which are designed and equipped for the absolute best in health, safety, and comfort. Touchless lavatory features now join other Airbus aircraft health protection features and initiatives such as top down cabin air flows, HEPA filters, antimicrobial polishes and coatings and many more besides.

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