Flair Airlines, Canada’s leading independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), is flying with NAVBLUE Mission+ FLIGHT, the integrated electronic flight folder module for mission management. Flair Airlines operates a fleet comprised of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 737-800 aircraft.

Mission+ FLIGHT is seamlessly integrated with N-Flight Planning and N-Ops&Crew solutions. These are currently being used by Flair Airlines which facilitates a smooth implementation successfully performed within three months. This allowed the Canadian operator to fully replace its existing electronic flight folder solution while ensuring business continuity.

The solution provides briefing packages automatically on the flight crew’s tablets. They can receive an instant notification when the dispatcher pushes flight plan updates.

"The use of Mission+ allows us to improve efficiencies before and during the flight for our pilots, operations & dispatch teams," said Capt. Matt Kunz, VP Business Transformation and Operations, Flair Airlines. "Our partners at NAVBLUE helped onboard the system in an efficient and professional manner, which made for quick adoption internally."

Before departure, the Flair Airlines crew benefit from enhanced flight preparation information such as a dedicated wind FMS initialization page.

In flight, the crew can perform their flight follow-up, and, after the flight, they can complete general reporting.

NAVBLUE’s Mission+ FLIGHT also includes a ground web-based and cloud-hosted tool provided to the airline’s dispatchers. This solution manages the data workflow between the Operations Control Centre systems and the crew’s application on the flight deck. It also allows to monitor and archive all the exchanged mission data (flight acceptance, post flight reports).


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