Airbus and UPS have completed the cockpit upgrade project for 52 A300-600 Freighters and 2 Simulators in the UPS Airlines fleet. The final aircraft retro-fitted with state-of-the-art cockpit avionics was delivered to UPS in March. This final delivery was the culmination of a 6-year project signed in March 2017, with embodiment launched in 2021, and is the first time an upgrade of this complexity was implemented on the A300. 

The retrofit brings the A300-600F cockpit up to current generation cockpit standards via an advanced new integrated avionics system. The enhancements will enable UPS to operate and maintain the fleet type for another decade or more.  

UPS pilots aren’t the only beneficiary of the fleet upgrade: the maintenance experience is also simplified with a centralised system which eases troubleshooting in case of failure, and the ability to load new software for upgrades without removing hardware from the aircraft.

For the retrofit, Airbus:

  • Designed the new integrated cockpit architecture.
  • Managed the overall development project, flight-tests and certification.
  • Supplied the service bulletins and kits to UPS, comprising both the new avionics modules as well as Airbus’ own aircraft-specific wiring, cockpit panels and other structural elements.
  • Provides the warranty and updated documentation with the upgrade (as the Type Certificate holder).

UPS' Project Engineering and Procurement teams: 

  • Developed technical requirements in cooperation with Airbus.
  • Worked with Airbus regularly to manage commercial matters.
  • Coordinated MRO selectionand oversight to incorporate the new system into their fleet.
  • Managed parts/materials procurement to support modification lines.
  • Managed scheduling of production lines based upon supply chain availability and operational variables.

Airbus is committed to the long-term support of the A300-600F fleet.

UPS A300 retrofit completion

From left to right: Antoine Morel, Airbus VP Airframe Services, and Dave Springer - Managing Director of Tech Ops at UPS celebrate the completion of a six-year project to upgrade UPS A300-600F cockpits which will allow the aircraft to fly another decade or more.



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