6 June 2023 – Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), Hamburg – Following feedback from the market, Airbus has decided to offer A220 Family customers a set of new cabin features, with which the aircraft takes an important step into the Airspace Cabin Family.

The key new feature of this cabin enhancement is the Airspace XL Bin – provided by Diehl Aviation – which offers many advantages, including increased capacity and lighter weight. To complement these new A220 bins, Airbus has also taken the opportunity to integrate a redesigned and improved passenger service unit (PSU) – provided by Astronics – and an enhanced ceiling to convey even more the Airspace design language. An optional third LED light is also offered, located under the new bins and which contributes significantly to the atmosphere of the cabin. 

Paul Edwards, Head of Advanced Cabin Design at Airbus says: “The A220’s cabin already offers a superior passenger experience and shares with Airspace the same DNA elements based on ambience, comfort, service and design.” He adds: “Through the introduction of the A220 XL Bins, we have further improved this harmonisation by integrating the Airspace design language and bringing us one step closer to the elevated passenger experience that our A350, A330neo and A320neo customers are already accustomed to.”

The new A220 Airspace XL Bins, which will become available from 2025 and will be retrofittable, offer increased capacity of around 19 more passenger bags (on the A220-300), as well as accommodate longer and heavier payload items thanks to its four-frame design. 

Other operational benefits include: increased reliability and reduced maintenance burden due to the simplified movable mechanisms; enhanced the comfort of the passengers by easing the boarding experience; reducing the cabin crew effort in closing the bin doors or having to rearrange luggage. The simpler and lighter bins will also lead to an overall improvement of the turnaround time and will reduce the weight of the cabin structure by around 300lbs – directly improving the airline’s operational efficiency and revenue generation.


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Airspace Cabin - © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2020 - photo by Dominik Mentzos / Taylor James

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