NAVBLUE is pleased to announce the successful completion of a PBN implementation project in Morocco on behalf of Qatar Airways. NAVBLUE and Qatar Airways, worked with Office National Des Aéroports (ONDA, the Air Navigation Service Provider of Morocco) and the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC, the civil aviation regulatory authority of Morocco) to design and validate Performance-Based Navigation procedures for Ifrane Airport (ICAO: GMFI) and Fès-Saïss Airport (IATA: FEZ, ICAO: GMFF).

Launched in September 2019, this project had the objective to improve the access to Ifrane Airport for Airlines, in addition to designing PBN procedures for Fès-Saïss Airport. NAVBLUE successfully designed and validated RNP approaches, SIDs and STARs for both airports. Working in close coordination with the stakeholders, NAVBLUE also developed the Safety Case Report required to support the implementation of these new procedures.

“Thanks to these new procedures, Airlines are able to access Ifrane Airport with instrument approaches rather with only visual approaches,"

Florent Lucas | Head of Airspace Solution in NAVBLUE

“A runway extension was completed in March so we wanted to deliver these procedures rapidly so Airlines could get the benefit of RNP APCH procedures as soon as possible.” Florent continues.

“Implementing PBN procedures allows for repeatable, efficient and safe procedures and so we were glad to see that NAVBLUE and Qatar Airways could collaborate successfully with the local stakeholders to do so,” said the Qatar Airways Charting & Navigation Database Manager.

Thank you to all stakeholders involved to have successfully managed this project.