9 June, 2021, Chengdu - Sichuan Airlines have become the latest Chinese operator to join Airbus' Skywise family and have extended the scope of their FHS fleet coverage to encompass their remaining 10 A350 aircraft. Regis BONIAU, VP Airbus Customer Services of Airbus China and SHAO Chuan, GM of Maintenance & Engineering department of Sichuan Airlines signed the contract under the witness of Klaus ROEWE, HO of Airbus Customer Services connecting online and CHEN Jianzhong, VP of Sichuan Airlines.

Operating a solely Airbus fleet, Sichuan Airlines has always been a key strategic partner for Airbus, currently operating 4 A350 aircraft which have been covered by a previous FHS agreement. This supplemental extension will bring Airbus' maintenance by the hour service to their remaining 10 A350 aircraft on order. The FHS contract provides a solid foundation for future collaboration and is in line with Sichuan Airlines’ strategic ambitions to increase their international routes as Airbus material and maintenance services are now available for approx. 300 parts.

Jean-Philippe Labbay, HO Material Services Marketing said, “We are very pleased Sichuan has chosen to extend our FHS coverage to their entire A350 fleet. Leveraging our extensive global components logistics infrastructure and real-time spares inventory visibility, coupled with our engineering know-how, we look forward to working together to help achieve the highest reliability and on-time performance of Sichuan's fleet operations.”

Additionally Sichuan Airlines has become the fifth Chinese operator to connect to Airbus’ open-data platform, Skywise, following a recent agreement. Sichuan will leverage Skywise to enhance all aspects of its maintenance and engineering operations on its Airbus fleet.

Skywise enables airlines to store, access, manage and analyse data more efficiently while also benchmarking against other airline users’ trends. The product provides all technology elements in one place, including data warehousing, visualisation, alerting, and even machine learning packages, allowing Sichuan and other airlines to develop and deploy their own analytical products.

Currently, more than 120 airlines around the world are connected to Skywise.