Dubai, 16 November 2021 – Airbus’ Flight Operations subsidiary NAVBLUE has launched Mission+, the first Electronic Flight Assistant (EFA) that provides pilots with all the data and information that they need to perform their mission, via one modular digital solution.

This mission-centric approach integrates flight management data and documentation, cockpit check-list, navigation charts and airport maps, real time weather conditions, aircraft performance data - usually only available to pilots via multiple sources.

“For us pilots, the user experience offered here compares with moving from an old mobile phone and paper diary to the latest generation smartphone,” said Airbus Pilot Captain Olivier Aspe.

Accessible through an interactive display, Mission+ is the first EFA on the market to gather all information sources together with one single point of entry. For pilots this means an integrated interface that allows quick, easy and seamless navigation.

In compiling data and information in this way, Mission+ is a significant upgrade from the current, widely used Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and paper on-board cockpits. Pilot workload is optimised and the overall operational efficiency for the airline is improved.

Mission+ has been developed in close cooperation with airlines from various regions around the world, incorporating their feedback. The solution ensures a flexible platform with optional modules that can be customised to airline specific requirements.


NAVBLUE is an Airbus Services company wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management solutions. NAVBLUE provides products and services in support of both civil and military operations, on the ground and onboard any aircraft.

Working in close co-operation with Airbus’ central Flight Operations, NAVBLUE offers expertise in a range of areas including digital cockpit operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC) systems, Flight Ops Engineering, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Air Traffic Management (ATM). The Airbus subsidiary employs 460 employees around the world, with offices in Canada, France, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the US, and representatives in several other countries across the globe.

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