Toulouse, France, 20th January 2022

  • The airline will benefit from full suite of Flight Operations, Planning, Control, Analysis, Optimization and Risk management solutions
  • Entry into service planned in 2022

Ultra Air, a new startup airline based in Colombia and starting operations in Q1 2022, operating a fleet of five Airbus A320s, has chosen a NAVBLUE suite for its Entry Into Service solutions.

This five-year contract includes full suite of Fly & Navigate solutions (Flysmart+, Electronic Flight Bag management and Hosted Gateway services), Plan & Control solutions (N-Flight Planning, N-Ops & Crew Lite), Analysis & Optimization solutions (PEP, ɅODB-Airport Obstacle Database, EIS Ops Approval, Fuel Efficiency Set up), Risk Management solutions (Flight Data Analysis services) and Supply Aerodata solutions (Navigation+).

Benefiting from NAVBLUE’s expertise, Ultra Air will take advantage of state-of-the art solutions to manage and optimize its operations benefiting from the most complete and accurate navigation information, enhancing its efficiency and competitiveness.

Flysmart+ is the OEM solution providing a full suite of on-board and ground software applications to enhance flight deck operations including performance, documentation and Weight & Balance applications. Ultra Air also selected the EFB Management and the Hosted Gateway services to benefit from NAVBLUE expertise for the administration and hosting of Flysmart+.

N-Flight Planning is a fully scalable and highly configurable system that will enable the airline to rapidly compute flight plans factoring payload, aircraft performance, current weather and air-traffic constraints with the ability to optimize for minimum flight time, fuel burn or total cost. 

In a single solution, N-Ops & Crew enables the airline to plan and distribute their network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules, as well as manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops crew control, crew training and qualifications, and crew mobile access.

PEP is a unique set of performance computation modules for Airbus aircraft. PEP modules are designed for engineers to compute Airbus aircraft performance and is the digital Airbus performance manual which includes the AFM performance chapter. 

ɅODB, NAVBLUE’s Airport Obstacle Database, will provide Ultra Air with accurate, up to date airport and obstacle data. Compliant with EASA-OPS, N-ɅODB data covers over 3,000 airports worldwide and includes NOTAM surveillance and 24/7 service as well as EFP (Engine Failure procedures).

EIS Ops Approval and Fuel Efficiency setup assistance will lead Ultra Air to be ready to start its operations safely and efficiently from day one. This covers the establishment and implementation of robust flight ops engineering processes and procedures (e.g. aircraft performance monitoring, route and airport compatibility analysis, flight planning parameters accuracy and fine-tuning, cost index definition and set-up), as well as the fuel and flight efficiency set-up which includes: setting up the Green Operating Procedures, prioritize the initiatives and ensure training & communication.

NAVBLUE will also provide Ultra Air with the Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service that is executed by subject matter experts, including engineers and TRI/TRE pilots. The comprehensive and customized set of deliverables will help identify hotspots, trends, and related safety issues from flight data, while also promoting operational excellence.

Navigation+ GE, from NAVBLUE Navigation+, will allow Ultra Air to get the relevant aeronautical navigation information available from airports including runway charasteristics and procedures, tailored records and GridMORA. 

William Shaw, Founder and CEO of Ultra Air, said: “At our company, our philosophy is to work with the best. NAVBLUE is that ally with an incredible track record, which will give us peace of mind from the beginning in some of the most important aspects for our operations. We will benefit from a set of solutions in terms of flights, planning, control, analysis and risk management. We will optimize processes that will also be safe and efficient, with the aim of always satisfying our users and giving them the most friendly experiences ”.

Fabrice Hamel, CEO at NAVBLUE, said: “NAVBLUE is always very proud to support an airline right from the start of its operations, and we look forward to implementing our solutions on Ultra Air aircraft and hope that our expertise in flying solutions will contribute to the airline’s successful start and long-lasting operations in the years to come”.

About Ultra Air: Based in Ríonegro, Antioquia – Colombia, Ultra Air is an emerging airline that will begin operating in early 2022. With an initial fleet of 5 Airbus A320 aircraft, it intends to impact 17 national destinations in its first year of operation. operations and 32 routes at the end of the year. In addition, it plans to transport 2.7 million passengers and have between 19,000 and 19,200 flights for its first year of operations.


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