Toulouse, France, 17th February 2022

Heston Airlines, a newly established airline headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, has selected NAVBLUE for charting, Navigation+, Flysmart+, N-Ops & Crew and N-AODB to support its flight operations.

Thanks to these NAVBLUE state-of-the-art solutions, Heston Airlines’ pilots will now benefit from the most complete and accurate navigation information, enhancing the airline's efficiency and competitiveness.

Gediminas Smilgevicius – COO of Heston Airlines said: “We are impressed with the level of service and quality of support received from NAVBLUE during the implementation and day-to-day operations of NAVBLUE solutions. Being a new airline entering the global market, we came up with our specific needs and requests for the tailored solutions. Together with NAVBLUE we have found the answers to all of our questions and a solid package of various IT tools to satisfy our present and future needs.

Briac Kerihuel, Chief Commercial Officer at NAVBLUE, said: “As a new airline, Heston has again enabled NAVBLUE to prove its extensive experience on understanding airlines unique needs, listening to the customer’s requirements and providing the most efficient and cost-saving solutions for their operations. We look forward to developing our partnership with Heston in the years to come.

With Navigation+, Heston Airlines pilots will benefit from relevant aeronautical navigation information including enroute, airport and procedures, both for worldwide and regional coverage. Navigation+ holds the EASA and FAA certification and complies with all applicable industrial standards and regulations. This solution serves over 250 customers worldwide, from airlines and OEMs to any Aeronautical Services Providers.

The pilots will also be using NAVBLUE’s charting solution, a reliable, ready-to-use and customized set of aeronautical charts (IFR terminal and enroute) which will provide them comprehensive navigation information while ensuring data consistency with Navigation+.

Heston Airlines also selected Flysmart+, the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for Airbus aircraft performance calculations and the EFB Hardware Compliance service.

In addition, N-Ops & Crew will help the airline, with one single solution, to plan and distribute its network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules, as well as manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops crew control, crew training and qualifications, and crew mobile access.

Last, Heston Airlines has chosen N-AODB, NAVBLUEés Airport Obstacle Database, which provides airlines with accurate, up to date airport and obstacle data. Compliant with EASA-OPS and FAA, N-AODB data covers over 3,000 airports worldwide and includes NOTAM surveillance and 24/7 service as well as EFP (Engine Failure procedures).


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