Toulouse, France, 15 February 2022

  • India’s largest airline to upgrade part of its fleet with RNP AR
  • NAVBLUE to support IndiGo and train its crew
  • N-RAIM, NAVBLUE’s Prediction Services to support RNP AR Operations

India’s largest airline, IndiGo, has chosen NAVBLUE to upgrade some of its latest A320 aircraft to the most advanced navigation technology, RNP AR (Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required). With Airbus’s RNP AR Upgrade, IndiGo pilots will be able to navigate mountainous areas or other challenging airspaces with precision and predictability.

Already a NAVBLUE customer since 2006, IndiGo is aiming to enhance regularity and safety of operations in their flights to Kathmandu (IATA: KTM, ICAO: VNKT), an airport surrounded by mountains with a very challenging operating environment. RNP AR is the ideal solution, as a Performance Based Navigation (PBN) system using satellite positioning, which allows navigation accuracy to 0.3NM and below, and turns after the final approach point.

With RNP AR, IndiGo aircraft will be better equipped to access difficult airports and reduce minima with enhanced safety conditions, improving their operational efficiency, and therefore having a positive impact on the environment. NAVBLUE’s highly experienced and multidisciplinary team, using cutting-edge techniques, will implement a complete end-to-end solution for IndiGo with RNP AR capability, supporting Ops approval and Flight Operational Safety Assessment (FOSA), also
applicable to departures.

To support its RNP and RNAV operations, IndiGo has chosen NAVBLUE’s RAIM prediction service, N-RAIM. NAVBLUE is the world’s leading provider of RAIM predictions to the civil aviation community, supplying over 85,000 predictions every day. For challenging airports where RNP AR approaches or departures are in use, along-track predictions use the real mask angle to account for terrain screening.

Fabrice Hamel, Chief Executive Officer at NAVBLUE, said: “We are proud that IndiGo, the largest airline in India and an established NAVBLUE customer since 2006, has renewed their trust in our products by choosing to upgrade its fleet with RNP AR capability, our complete end-to-end solution to support Ops approval, and N-RAIM, NAVBLUE’s prediction service to support these operations. We are sure that our long track record supporting airlines with these solutions will be beneficial for IndiGo”.

Mr. Ronojoy Dutta, Chief Executive Officer, at IndiGo, said: “We are pleased to partner with NAVBLUE to upgrade our latest A320 aircraft with the most advanced navigation technology. We have full confidence in NAVBLUE’s expertise which will help our pilots navigate safely through challenging terrains like curvy or hilly areas during the takeoff or landing. We believe this will enhance operational safety of the aircraft while also improving efficiency in the long run.


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