In Aeronautics, Airbus is recognised in fundamental testing discipline: Aerodynamics, Stress, Acoustic, Vibrations, Thermics, Electronics, etc. Capitalising on this expertise, we decided to open access to our engineering know-how to other industries facing same requirements.

High Density Pressure Measurement

Instrumentation Services

Airbus Services offers a wide range of solutions and expertise in test instrumentation domain

We address all test instrumentation aspects, even on specific topics like sensors, acquisition, processing, connectivity, recording and data analysis.

We always look towards new technologies and innovations (IoT, MEMS, Wireless, Smart Objects, BigData, Connectivity, etc.) to develop state-of-the-art solutions for our Customers.

Thanks to our instrumentation capabilities and our highly qualified engineers, we are able to answer a wide range of your needs, to prototype in short period of time with fully customised solutions.

Acquisition Systems


  • Fully customised solutions
  • Offers a wide range of solutions and expertise in test instrumentation domain
  • Possibility to receive a prototype in a short period of time
  • Benefit from all the instrumentation capabilities using latest technologies


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Airborne operations testing - drone operations

Airborne Operations & Testing

Benefit from our years of experience in aircraft and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) flight testing

Airbus developed and certified a wide range of airliners and military aircraft (both for initial development/certification and in-service modifications). Various technology demonstrators have also been tested (laminar wing demonstrator, ‘vortex’ surfing flight, autonomous taxi and take off).


Laboratory Testing

Access the Airbus Laboratories and our test engineer experience

Discover our environmental testing services of equipment and systems and our Wind Tunnel services that can be used for performance testing, handling qualities assessments and powered engine campaigns.


Ground Operations

Years of experience in aircraft ground maintenance and loading/boarding operations

Ground operations are just as important as in-flight operations. Discover our services to make the most out of your fleet.

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