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What if carbon emissions could be sucked directly from the air? Introducing Airbus Carbon Capture Offer, which brings affordable and scalable carbon removal credits to the aviation industry.  

When combined with other aircraft solutions that improve environmental performance, carbon removals provide airlines with another high-potential pathway to move forward on the path to decarbonisation.


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The air transportation industry has the ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2050. Airbus has developed multiple carbon-reduction solutions to support airlines on their sustainability journey. Airbus Carbon Capture Offer is a complementary solution to address the residual emissions remaining from aircraft already operating with the latest technologies.





Airbus Carbon Capture Offer provides the aviation industry with another high-potential pathway to help neutralise aviation’s CO2 emissions.


The volume of carbon removals can be adjusted as the number of direct air carbon facilities multiply thanks to increased demand in the years to come.


Captured COis buried in deep underground geologic reservoirs that have been carefully selected to ensure safe and permanent storage.


Airlines will benefit from low-risk access to affordable carbon removal solutions.

Airbus Carbon Capture Offer is a solution to meet your carbon removal objectives.


About the technology


Airbus Carbon Capture Offer is based on the technology called Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS). How does this technology work?

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